5 Reasons to Consider a Prop Cover

5 Reasons to Consider a Prop Cover

5 Reasons to Consider a Prop Cover

by September 11, 2013


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I recently invested in a shiny new Raker II prop for my boat. It was brand new out of the box, I know this because I inspected it and it was FLAWLESS. But on my new prop’s maiden voyage to the lake I found some small dings, and this was before it even got wet!

Upon reflection of what could have possibly happened, I recalled trying to avoid a dump truck that was on the highway ahead of me. I have to assume that somehow gravel that was coming off the dump truck ricocheted off the trailer and struck my new prop and caused the damage. It was this experience that prompted me to begin researching ways of preventing this mishap from re-occurring.PropCover3-Header

 Top 5 reasons to get a propeller cover:

1. Protect your propeller from rocks on the highway

Propellers, especially stainless steel high performance props, are a large investment and have a direct impact on your boat’s performance.  Even if you own an aluminum prop, you will want to make sure that the leading edge is as smooth and intact as possible. Nicks will create cavitation and reduce performance as your propeller spins. These nicks can also grow over time and turn into cracks in the blades.

2. Liability; Prevent injuries to others

If you’re staying in a motel or on the road, often there are children playing in parking lots or people walking past your rig. The sharp blades present a danger to people who are not paying attention. A propeller cover prevents possible injuries and liability issues. If your boat is garage-kept it can also prevent injuries to your family members who may be getting something out of the garage and brush their leg against one of the blades.

3. Safety

A propeller cover with reflective tape or some bright color logo on it may prevent someone from hitting you. An outboard motor sticks out quite a bit. When you’re stopped at a light, others may misjudge where your motor actually is. This is especially important at night. Reflective tape or a bright material or logo on your prop may be the difference between getting rear ended and arriving to your destination without incident.

4. Security

Most propeller covers can have locks secured on them. This is especially useful if you’re an angler who travels and stays on the road overnight. A stolen propeller can really hamper your fishing trip! A prop cover with a lock serves two purposes: it obscures your prop model from would-be thieves and adds another layer of prevention. Just remember, a prop cover won’t foil thieves who are bent on getting to your stuff. If they want it that badly they’ll get it!


5. Storage

I keep a spare prop in my boat and a prop cover keeps it safe. A padded prop cover replaces a towel wrapped around it and does a better job at it. There is no danger that the prop may be nicked by other items or tools.

If you are looking for a prop cover, there aren’t many readily available options. It seems that most companies don’t see your propeller as a vital part of your boat. Hats off to Yamaha who has developed a prop cover that is high quality and works well. It fits my 14.5″ prop like a glove and is made of high denier nylon. It is well padded and has protected my prop well so far. You can view the prop cover here. I purchased mine from Ebay and got two of them. One will serve as a prop bag for my spare while the other will be used for trailering.


There are some other prop covers on the market. Here are some of the other links to covers I had considered when researching my purchase:




If you didn’t want to spend the money, or can’t find a prop cover that suits your needs, you can always opt to make your own. A bright towel wrapped around your lower unit and prop will even suffice as a propeller cover if needed. Lower horsepower motors will also benefit from being protected during trailering for the same reasons as listed above.

If you’ve never considered a prop cover, maybe this article will give you some reasons to go ahead and look into what I think is an important trailering accessory.

Tight Lines!

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