6th Sense Custom Lures – Product Review

6th Sense Custom Lures – Product Review

6th Sense Custom Lures – Product Review

by September 28, 2013

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This is an article that I’ve been thinking about writing for a while now, but had always talked myself out of it.  When you have something that not many other people are doing in your area, it’s usually smart to keep it under wraps.  I know what you’re thinking; it’s another crankbait, big deal.. But I can honestly say that these crankbaits have put more fish in the boat than any other I’ve ever used.  The two models I used on a daily basis were the Crush 50X squarebill and the Crush 300DD deep diving crank.


The Crush 50X squarebill was my go-to crank in almost all shallow water situations.  It’s a relatively small crankbait at only 2.25” and 3/8 oz. but it packs a punch.  I truly believe that the unique compact body of this crank helped put more fish in the boat.  There’s no question that the 50X catches fish when the bite is on, but when fishing is tough, the finesse body type and smooth wobble could trigger even the most hesitant bass.  That gave me the ability to throw the 50X under any circumstance or condition with confidence that I’m going to get bit.


The Crush 300DD deep diving crank (shown in header photo in Supermodel Shad) produced amazing results for me when fishing water deeper than 14 to 15-ft.  It measures 3” in length and weighs in at exactly 1 oz.  It’s a big crankbait by Ontario standards but as the saying goes: big baits, big fish.  This was definitely the case as it brought in countless fish in the 3 to 4-lb. range and accounted for one of my biggest largemouth of the year, a 5.4 pounder off a deep weedline.  On 12-lb fluorocarbon and a normal retrieve the 300DD would run in the 13 to 14-ft range.  However if I buried the rod tip in the water I could get it down to around 17-ft, which is where most of the fish came from.


Steve Rowswell at the 2013 CSFL Lake Couchiching Tournament with two fish he caught on the Crush 300DD

Steve Rowswell at the 2013 CSFL Lake Couchiching Tournament with two fish he caught on the Crush 300DD


There are three qualities that everyone looks for in a crankbait: durability, appearance, and versatility.  6th Sense Lure Co. has these things covered and then some.


Durability – I have never seen any kind of hardbait put up with the abuse that I put one of their 50X squarebills through.  I banged this thing off docks, the side of my boat, and pulled it out of the jaws of countless big gators and it never missed a beat.  As I write this, it’s still tied on my shallow crankbait rod ready get more.  It’s still running true and never needs to be tuned, the hooks and split rings are still in great condition and the paint detail held up to everything with very minimal scratching or fading.


Crush 50X in Live Baby Blue Gill (photo: 6thSenseLures.com)

Crush 50X in Live Baby Blue Gill (photo: 6thSenseLures.com)

Appearance – If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a good looking lure, and these things are sexy!  The detail that goes into the paint job on each and every one of these baits is unreal.  It’s as close to real as you’re going to get and there’s a different colour to suit baitfish found in any lake across North America.  Any avid crankbaiter knows that a realistic finish is great, but a natural body shape is just as important and 6th Sense Customs meets those criteria.  Here in Ontario the main fish forage is panfish like Rock Bass and Pumkinseed as well as Perch, and the 6th Sense lineup has a lure to suit any situation.


Versatility – For me, having a crankbait that will produce under all circumstances is as important as anything.  There’s nothing worse than having to retie between spots because you’re switching from rock to weed or trying a different depth.  It wastes time as well as planting a seed of doubt whether you’re making the right decision.  With the 6th Sense crankbaits, specifically the 50X, I know that I’m throwing the right bait and it’s only a matter of where I’m fishing, not what I’m fishing.  Depending on how you fish it, the 50X can cover a large section of the water column.  By simply lifting your rod tip, you can turn the 50X into a wakebait or by burying the rod, it’ll get down to the 7 to 8-ft range.


Crush 50X in Live Threadfin Shad

Crush 50X in Live Thredfin Shad


On top of the Crush 50X and 300DD, 6th Sense has a number of other crankbaits to appeal to bass all over North America.  The Crush Flat 75X is a flat sided crankbait slightly larger than the 50x at 2.65” and will likely produce best in cooler water situations with a tighter wobble and deeper diving depth.  A new crankbait for 2014 that I’m extremely excited about is the Crush 250MD.  It’s the little brother to the 300DD at 2.75” rated to dive between 7 to 12-ft.  A crankbait lineup wouldn’t be complete without a lipless crank.  The Snatch 70 is a super realistic looking crankbait weighing 5/8-oz. and 2.7” long.  Not only will this bait cast a mile and no doubt produce a ton of bass, I am also looking forward to trying it through the ice for big Northern Pike and Lake Simcoe Lake Trout.


The complete lineup with color options and specs is available at http://www.6thsenselures.com.

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