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ICAST 2015

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2015 Bassmaster Classic


From Canada With Love

From Canada With Love

And now we go to our Canadian correspondent, Karl Kalonka, for blue-chip bass fishing tips… Say what? (Insert sound of vinyl record screeching to a halt.) Yes, friends, the Canadian frontier isn’t only about lifer walleyes, paddle-length pike and legal

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Stonefly

Early in June, on the Madison River just upstream a few hundred yards from Black’s Ford Access, the rainbows had been feeding ravenously on small elk hair caddis flies making for a wonderful day of fishing. Just then something landed

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Lee wins 2017 Bassmaster Classic at 25 Years Old

HOUSTON — In 2013, Jordan Lee was a member of the Auburn University fishing team. Today, he’s on top of the professional bass fishing world. The 25-year-old pro from Guntersville, Ala., stayed within striking distance all week at the GEICO

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Ehrler Will Lead The Field Into The Final Round Of The Bassmaster Classic

HOUSTON — Brent Ehrler is trying his best to stay grounded. He’s saying all the right things. But after two big days, there’s just no denying that he’s one step away from the biggest accomplishment of his professional bass fishing

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Top 5 Anglers To Watch At The 2017 Bassmaster Classic

This year, the Bassmaster Classic is being held on Lake Conroe, TX. With the Classic moving to Texas and shifting into late March there are definitely some surprises on their way this year. Speculation on who will win is rampant with

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Ever caught an eight-pound walleye, 10-pound lake trout and 20-pound pike in a single ice-fishing season? Jeff Gussy Gustafson often does it in a single day. As a professional touring bass pro and host of Fishing with Gussy TV, Gustafson

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ZMan Project Z Swimjig Review

4.2 out of 5 Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

The addition of a Project Z swimjig into ZMan’s offerings seems to me like the next natural step for this company. ZMan fishing has been extremely successful with its patented chatterbait design and the company has become famous for its Original Chatterbait

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Megabass to Release New Canadian Northern Secret

Spearheaded by Megabass Canada’s Theo Cheng, and pro staffer Nick Cousvis, the exclusive Vision Oneten and Vision Oneten+1 GLX Northern Secret jerkbait colorway was developed specifically for clear northern waters, in careful collaboration with Megabass artisans in Hamamatsu, Japan. Drawing

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Greenville, Lake Hartwell To Host 2018 Bassmaster Classic

Some lakes are known for how deep they are. Some are known for the type of structure and baitfish they have. Others are known for serving as the sites of some of the greatest moments in professional bass fishing history

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Obama’s 11th Hour Edict Labeled Anti-Fishing

We try to stay pretty non-political over here at AnglingAuthority.com, but a move today by the Obama administration has us really riled up! Whatever your political views, if you love fishing and the outdoors this is going to make you

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OSP Diving Frog

4 out of 5 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The OSP Diving Frog is a very interesting bait if you consider it’s possible applications. Hollow bodied frogs are usually intended for topwater use and that’s it. However, in recent years there has been a movement towards frogs that can

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