A Bit of Fishing Nostalgia

A Bit of Fishing Nostalgia

A Bit of Fishing Nostalgia

by March 26, 2011


Grant Pentiricci, Founder

I have fished for as long as I can remember.

December 31, 2012

Let me begin by telling you that I’ve been around fishing ever since I can remember. My earliest memory of fishing is trolling for Northern Pike on Grundy Lake with my father and brother on camping trips when I was about 8 years old. We would use a red and yellow Heddon Crazy Crawler topwaters and troll for hours. I also remember my mother cleaning pike and the whole family having a fish fry. Those were the days!

Heddon Crazy Crawler

Heddon Crazy Crawler

In my teens, I didn’t really fish much. The divorce of my parents stopped the yearly camping/ fishing trips as a family and it wasn’t until about 10 yrs ago that I rekindled the love for angling.

These days I’m like most other anglers: I’ve got a full time job to pay the bills but every chance I get I run off to some remote lake in the search of bucket mouth Largemouth or trophy Northerns.

My favorite species is Largemouth Bass. I love the aggressiveness and style of fishing right in the junk. Heavy cover and weeds are my favorite. I prefer to throw a jig or frog and find that the intimate connection with my prey’s surroundings gives me a sort of satisfaction.Unfortunately the bass season in Southern Ontario is pretty restrictive and I am only able to fish from July- November-ish. This has forced me to fish other species as well. I have found that northern pike are a great nostalgic species for me. Their season opens a bit earlier in Ontario, so I can go fishing for them around May when the season starts. I like this species because of their size, great eating, and aggression. A real pleasure to catch!

Recently my interest has been peaked by a few friends that go float fishing for steelhead. I’ve been told that there are amazing fisheries in Southern Ontario and that the tranquility is unrivaled. I’m definitely looking to hook up with them and try it out. Who knows? it may be the outlet I’m looking for during the winter “hibernating” months. I’m definitely thinking of writing about how my float fishing experience goes. Maybe some of you out there could share pic or tips on places, equipment or techniques for this?

In Canada, we do a lot of ice fishing during the winter months when the lakes are frozen over. I’ve contemplated this but it seems too cold and boring to try out. Maybe I should be more open minded? I really hate being cold and don’t see the allure of this type of fishing… But I’ll try anything once… Hopefully I’ll get out for some steelhead in the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to post an article when it happens.

BTW- I know lots of anglers are secretive about their spots and techniques but I’m really not. I think that as long as you respect the environment and are considerate, there’s really no danger to helping others and promoting the sport you enjoy; so please feel free to respond and share!

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