An Interview with FLW Pro, John Cox

An Interview with FLW Pro, John Cox

An Interview with FLW Pro, John Cox

by March 31, 2015



FLW Tour pro Dave Lefebre brought a five-bass limit to the

March 30, 2015

Recently, I spoke with John Cox, an FLW Touring Pro from Central Florida.

John Cox has over $500,000 in career earnings, 25 top 10 finishes, and a major tour win on the Red River. With key sponsors, Crestliner, Mud Hole, Mercury & MHX Rod Blanks he is a force to reckon with.

I had the great opportunity to fish with John in Florida on the Harris Chain of lakes last season; what an awesome angler and all round great guy to fish with.

John Cox Fishing

JB: Hey John, I am sure you’re a very busy guy this year; so thank you for taking the time to talk to us today!

JC: Hey, no problem, happy to do it.


JB: Where are you currently?

JC: Right now I am in Jasper AL, getting ready for the 2nd FLW tour stop on Smith Lake


JB: What’s the weather like there?

JC: It started off real cold; it was in the fifties and raining the first day of practice. Today is our off limits day and it 75 degrees and sunny; the fish are really starting to do their thing. It should be good for the tournament.


JB: Lewis Smith Lake the second stop on the FLW tour; it’s going to be a change for you with the deep water impoundment and those spotted bass. What are you going to do differently to capitalize here? Do you have a game plan?

JC: Yea, I am going to fish shallow like usual; even though it’s a deep clear lake there are still a ton of fish shallow. I am just gonna go fishing and see what happens.


JB: Any predictions on the top 5 for this event?

JC: Mostly guys are focusing on spotted bass I think, with the odd guy bringing in a good bag of largemouth. I don’t have any names.

John Cox Fishing

JB: How did your relationship come together with Mud Hole and MHX Blanks?

JC: I went down to build some rods of my own, and I started talking to Bob there, and next thing you know I am fishing their blanks, last year I really like them and we all got along real well, then this deal came along this year, and it just worked out.  It’s great MHX rods really allows me to customize a rod to get the best performance out of my lure and that gives me an edge over the other competitors.


JB: I am loving your Crestliner but I have to ask… why an aluminum boat as opposed to the traditional Fiberglass for the fishing the tour?

JC: My Crestliner allows me to go where other boats can’t go, also my gas bill is way down, I can practice all day and only use 10 gallons as opposed to $100.00 or more a day, where I only pay like $30. I am more comfortable in an aluminum boat and have won more money out of them then fiberglass.


JB: For the aspiring young anglers out there how do they get their foot in the door with professional Bass fishing?

JC: Yea like I did, I started out fishing the Fisher of Men series and a lot of the team trails, also the single day tournaments.  All the College stuff now is the ticket if you can get into those. Then work up the ranks to get to where you want to be.


JB: I like to do this thing, where I ask you a series of 8 quick questions and you just say the first thing that comes into your mind.  Are you up for it?

JC:  (Laughter) Sounds good


JB: Awesome, here we go…….What is your favorite lake?

JC:  Lake Champlain


JB: Your Favorite Fishing technique?

JC: Sight fishing


JB: John Cox’s favorite Food?

JC: Pizza


JB: The song you picked for the FLW stage

JC: Avenged Sevenfold “Hail the King”


JB: Favorite angler?

JC: Andy Morgan


JB: Most important to you other than fishing?

JC: My Kids


JB: What’s your biggest Vice?

JC: Cold fronts


JB: What motivates you?

JC: Pay the bills


JB: I see that you take your girls out fishing with you often, are they going to be the next FLW Tour Forest Wood Cup Champions?

JC:  Hahaha, I don’t know, they do go out with me a lot. As soon as they get bigger I am going to get them into the teen angler program, hopefully they will want to do it, we’ll see.


JB: So….   What is next for John Cox?

JC: I am super busy, we go from here to the Alabama River, to Beaver Lake, then to Missouri to do a Photo shoot for Crestliner, so it’s going to be busy four weeks coming up. I am looking forward to making the CUP, the goal this year is to get paid in every event and making the Forest Wood Cup. It will be in Ouachita again, I really like this place last time I went, I really want to make it


JB: Thank you for speaking with us today John, we are excited to follow you on the FLW tour this season and good luck.

JC: Thanks man, thanks for calling me.


John Cox is as hard core as anglers get. I am thankful that he has given me the opportunity to chat.  You can follow John Cox on Facebook, or watch him on  If you are ever in Florida and want the best fishing guide give him a call.

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