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Fish of a Lifetime – The One That Got Away

“The one that got away”; every fisherman fears it; every fisherman who has experienced it, laments it. In one moment, your dreams come alive and are simultaneously crushed, and all you are left with is a slack line and the

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Angler’s Choice Kill Shot Dropshot Bait – Product Review

Drop shotting is a great technique used in a variety of fishing applications: deep water fishing in summer and winter, controlled depth fishing for suspended bass, and teasing finicky bass into strikes in shallow water.  I use drop shot techniques

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Frog Fishing Tips

You toss your frog into that spot between the grass mats, and slowly walk it across the grass, pausing after three “twitches” to see what happens, and BAM!, it disappears in a swirl of water and tail!  Heart racing, you

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