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Early Season Jerk-Bait Bass

This past February, on a bitter cold morning better suited for hot coffee and a roaring fire, I met Elite BASS Pro Chad Grigsby at a just-opened Perkins to outline our plans for taping an episode of “Lake Commandos.” The

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An Over-Looked Crank For Cold-Weather Bass

When you fish against a guy like Tony Owens, biologist with the Texas Freshwater Fishery Center in Athens, Texas, you pay attention to the little things or you get left in the dust. Tony not only lives bass every day

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Better Bite Detection In Deep Water, How-To

One of the best ways to catch crappies during mid-winter is to head for deeper basin areas. Depending on the type of lake, crappies will either suspend in these areas or stay glued to the bottom. The depths we’re talking

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