Bass Magnet Quiver Sticks – Gear Review

Bass Magnet Quiver Sticks – Gear Review

Bass Magnet Quiver Sticks – Gear Review

by February 6, 2013


Ok, let’s talk about why Bass Magnet “Quiver Sticks” put fish in the boat. These extremely soft plastic worms are heavily salt impregnated, not only giving this bait an unparalleled rate of fall, but an unparalleled action as well. The “quiver” action on the fall mimics a dying baitfish/yearling sport fish, which basically plays on a Bass’s feeding instincts or tendencies if you will.
Predators such as Bass tend to key in on baitfish that have strayed from the school, but when an injured baitfish/sunfish etc.. begins to quiver/ fall horizontally in the water column, fighting to stay alive, a Bass’s feeding instinct(more often than not) tells them to consume it. (easy meal for a Bass)


If you decide to round out you skill set by giving stickworms a try this coming season, (in this case Bass Magnet “Quiver Sticks”) here is a great way to rig them up for battle.


Weightless/Texas style – This is my favorite way to rig a stickworm/Quiver Stick, with 5” being my overall go to length. As far as my go to hook, I prefer a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG. If I’m skipping the bait under docks or overhanging trees I go with a braided line, and for open water/open pockets I go with a 10lb fluorocarbon mainline. 6’-6’6” medium-medium/heavy spinning combo for skipping, and a 7’ med-med/heavy for open water situations.




This particular set-up has accounted for countless massive Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass for yours truly, and just about everyone else who have committed to learning the nuances of this deadly finesse style bait. So keep it simple and give the Bass Magnet “Quiver Stick” a try, you just might find the gold at the end of the rainbow if you do. They come in 4 sizes (including 6”Quiver Daddy) and over 20 hot colors to choose from. Check ‘em out.


For more information on Bass Magnet Lures, check out their websiteFacebookTwitter and pages.



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