BassTek Jigs – Product Review

BassTek Jigs – Product Review

BassTek Jigs – Product Review

by December 4, 2013


Fishing With The Perfect Jig

It was early morning and I was on way to

February 2, 2015

Upon inspecting the Bass Tek Jig the first thing I noticed right away is the design of the rubber skirt. The skirts move freely and I knew right away the action in the water was going to be a little different. The trailer holder is also a pleasant addition to the design.

In my first use of the jig I became aware that my assumption about the jig was correct, the action in the water was a little different. The skirt moved freely in the water and the jig felt different than other jigs in the sense that the size is smaller and your assumption might be that it might weigh less but it weighs the same as lead head jigs.BassTek Jigs

These Tungsten jigs definitely give you more confidence that you will feel the bite. The sensitivity seems to be on a grander scale than lead jigs. I fished these jigs in a variety of different ways open water, pitching, flipping, and punching mats and seemed to be able to feel every single thing and my technique had no effect whatsoever. Every piece of structure that I encountered I could feel and it felt quite different than just striking something.BassTek Jigs


I was amazed at the strength of the hook and the ability to go through cover very well. When contact was made the hookups were strong but when hung up the hook pulled loose without bending. Besides performing very well and having many attractive functional and design features the jigs are also greener than lead jigs. Overall this product is an improvement of the jig design, it takes all unattractive features and does its best to either diminish or eliminate it all together. These jigs performed very well in all the conditions and areas I explored and these ease in which I was able to move from area to area without having to change the bait out is just a testament to how versatile the jig is.

This was a very favorable experience and it is definitely a product I would recommend and continue to use. I will be placing an order very soon.BassTek Jigs

For more information on BassTek, check out their website and Facebook page

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