BIWAA Expands Their Offerings for North America

BIWAA Expands Their Offerings for North America

BIWAA Expands Their Offerings for North America

by July 17, 2015


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Biwaa was at ICAST 2015 again this year and there are some great things happening from them. They’ve opted to expand their offerings to North American anglers and have brought in new products and sizes. We spoke to Zac Guerinoni, VP of Biwaa USA, and they hope to have the full lineup available in soon. Big things are happening from this European based lure manufacturer and they are definitely one of the companies to watch.

Here are some items that we think anglers should watch out for!

Biwaa Swimpike 7″

When Biwaa introduced the Swimpike 9″ last year, it was a hit. This year, they brought the Swimpike 7″. This is a smaller version of the 9″ lure and has all the features of its bigger brother. The exciting part is that this smaller Swimpike allows anglers to get into swimbaits without the need for heavier equipment; as is the case with larger swimbaits.

If you’re looking for a smaller profile, or something not quite as large as a 9″ swimbait, then the Swimpike 7″ is just the ticket!

The Swimpike 7″ has a ROF (rate of fall) of 7″ per second which is roughly just under half a meter per second and weighs a managable 1-oz/ 26g. There are 9 color offerings available from Biwaa and we are told the entire lineup should be available for sale in North America.

swimpike colors


Biwaa Sunder 6

Not much is known about this swimbait, except that it will be coming to the North American market as a slow sinking multi-segmented hardbait. It will have Biwaa’s trademark mesh woven fabric, which gives their swimbaits realistic swimming action. Why makes it so unique? It is extremely light, which means that anglers can throw this bait with rods they already own and add larger swimbaits to their arsenal without buying more equipment. Retail is reported at $25.99 USD.

This bait is 6″ and boasts a very narrow body. It weighs just an ounce. For a lure that big, that is impressive. The Sunder 6 had just come out of development and the lure we saw was a prototype that was going through some final revisions. This will be a sweet bait!


Biwaa Prism

You could say this is the European version of the stickbait. The Prism comes in two sizes, a 3.8″ and 4.8″ version. there are 11 color offerings and they have colors most anglers will want, such as green pumpkin and nightcrawler. There are some interesting colors offered as well such as Biwaa blast and Bubblegum.

The design was created using a phthalates free plastic formula (most of us will have to Google this one) and incorporates their B2A attractant. Biwaa recommends this bait be used weightless, or rigged up Texas-style. Depending on how you rig it, you will get different actions from this bait on the fall. More specific details on this bait are explained in the video at the end of this article. There were some good insight from speaking to the guys at Biwaa.



Biwaa Warax

This is one cool little craw! The Armoured Craw that was introduced at ICAST 2014 was cool, but the Warax takes it to the next level! This new design can be used without a skirt and is an excellent punching bait just naked on its own!

There isn’t much information available on the Warax, except that there are two sizes available in a bunch of colors that all look really attractive to fish. The Warax has some great angles; and when we saw it there were some final revisions still coming to the bait.

The Warax has 1mm dimples on the legs that give it action on the fall and also has apendages coming out of its sides to supplement that action. The head of the bait is angled back to facilitate punching and reduce hangups on cover. We were told the Warax will sit with its claws up, much like a crayfish in its defensive posture.


Biwaa Deus

The Deus is a boot tail swimbait and comes in two sizes, 4″ and 5″. There are 8 color offerings from Biwaa and it is salted inside as well as scented with Biwaa’s B2A formula. We should also mention that there is a fluke-style bait that will be offered by Biwaa called the Scorpitail and it is also offered in two sizes as well.


Here is a video of our discussion with Zac Guerinoni, VP of Biwaa USA, for some insightful tips on these new baits.


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