Ice Fishing Gear

Seasonal Shifts: Jig It Where You Cast It Yesterday!

Fall’s wicked transformation into winter is the harshest of all seasonal shifts. One night of deep-space temps and the open water you were casting the evening before can turn into a skating rink. But even though the terrestrial atmosphere has

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Frabill I3 Ice Suit – Product Review

4.3 out of 5 Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Ice anglers know that being safe is probably as important (if not more) than being warm when you are out on the ice. The Frabill I3 jacket and bibs have features that keep your safety in mind as well as

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North Country Walleyes, ‘Meat’ The Precision Jig

In two-line situations throughout North-Central Ontario – and much of the continental Ice Belt for that matter — not much beats a jig and minnow combination for scraping extra walleye off the spots you jig. Spoons, rattle baits and other

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Striker Climate Suit – Product Review

Having an extremely early winter this year, I was able to put some hours in on the fresh ice with my suit. I chose to go with the Climate suit and Bibs, which is Strikers warmest suit which seemed fitting for the cold harsh conditions here in Northern Minnesota.

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