Interview with Tackle Grab Founder, Stash Karandanis

I’m sure many of you, like me, have seen lots of ads and online buzz about membership or subscription-like tackle programs.  The prospect of getting home, after a long day of work, and finding a box of tackle in my

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Interview with Dave McCready – Owner of Angler’s Choice Handmade Lures

Sometimes the best lures are from small and medium-sized tackle companies. We always try to share information on the harder-to-find, must-have products, and Angler’s Choice is no exception. I first came across the “Flappin’ Weasel” at a trade show several

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Interview with “Sarge” from Ballistic Bait Co.

Cool-looking baits with an interesting back story: Sarge’s Ballistic Bait Co. creates some great spinnerbaits and buzzbaits that are sure to catch fish with style!  The company was  founded by Randy McFarland, aka “Sarge” in the early days of the

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