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St. Croix Swim Jig Finesse Rod – Product Review

Swimming a jig is one of my favorite tactics for Bass fishing. The first time I used this tactic, results were instant for me. I don’t know if conditions were just right, but it was a eureka moment in my

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6th Sense Custom Lures – Product Review

This is an article that I’ve been thinking about writing for a while now, but had always talked myself out of it.  When you have something that not many other people are doing in your area, it’s usually smart to

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St. Croix Eyecon Series Bounce-N-Troll: The Split Personality Perfected

I haven’t been on a walleye water in my life where fish couldn’t be caught on crankbaits or live bait rigs at some point during the season. These two methods have dozens of variations, but the core ingredients can be

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St.Croix Eyecon’s 6’3″ Vertical Jig – Product Review

I walleye fish with a variety of rods in St. Croix’s Eyecon Series, and the ECS63MXF Vertical Jig model is definitely my favorite for deep water jigging applications. It’s a short, fast blank that’s feather light and handles a wide

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Evolve Nervous Walker Frog – Product Review

Gear used in this review: Team AllStar Road 7-ft Med/Fast Action Rod Pflueger Cetina 7.1:1 high Speed Reel Suffix 832 Braid 60-lb test Line The Evolve Nervous Frog in my opinion is one of the best hollow body frogs I

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Meeting Little Evil: Got ‘Em Coach Tackle’s Green ‘Gill Swimbait

Ultra-realistic, multi-jointed swimbaits have been around for quite some time. I got a chance to play with the six inch, “Green ‘Gill” coloured model from Got ‘Em Coach Tackle recently and had lots of fun with it. Right along with

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Tackle Grab Unboxing – July 2013

It’s hard to believe it’s already August and our fishing season is in full swing! With our Tackle Grab shipment, we’re starting to feel like we have more baits than we can use in the time we have left this

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New Tatula Rod and Reel Line from Daiwa Launched at ICAST 2013

Recently, Daiwa Corporation released their new line of baitcasting reels and rods at ICAST 2013. The Tatula series is a promise to bring affordability and engineering together. These new reels are boasting some solid features from Daiwa and we’re going

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IMA Lures Pinjack 200 – Product Review

IMA Lures’ Pinjack 200 is a mid depth crankbait that looks like your standard quality crankbait at first glance. When I had the opportunity to review this bait I must admit, I didn’t have any expectations at first. But when

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Tackle Grab Unboxing – June 2013

This summer’s weather in the Great Lakes region hasn’t been great weather-wise with lots of cold air and rain. Regardless, we have still managed to spend lots of quality time on the water, and new baits are always needed.  

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4.5 out of 5 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Last fall, I had a visitor who decided that there was something interesting inside my bass boat seats. This “Guest” tore holes into my bass boat seats, among other acts I won’t mention, and made a horrible mess. This raccoon was consequently

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