Simcoe Late-Season Lakers – Just Match What They Are Feeding On

I made it out on Simcoe again.  It was a great weather day to boot which I typically never get the chance to enjoy.  The good weather days usually seem to fall on work days.   I headed out at

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Swimbait Techniques for Simcoe Lake Trout

This past week I had the chance to get out on Lake Simcoe several times. Simcoe is famous for its lake trout fishing; and it did not disappoint.  This lake has been absolutely on fire this year and one technique

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Bass Magnet “Tinsel and Ice Tubes” – Put the Icing on the Cake

Every once in a while a bait comes along and creates a buzz throughout the angling community. Both excitement and jealousy build as anglers everywhere hear stories of one big fish after another being caught on a new, “magic bait”.

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