Daiwa Baitcasting Reel Maintenance Guide

Daiwa Baitcasting Reel Maintenance Guide

Daiwa Baitcasting Reel Maintenance Guide

by January 22, 2013


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November 14, 2013

Reel maintenance is important. This is especially true if you are spending a lot of money on your reels and you plan on keeping them awhile.  I clean all my reels and store them at the end of the bass season. I find that this is adequate for the fishing I do. Full time pro anglers will probably have a more frequent maintenance routine.

If your reel falls in the lake, in saltwater or in sand at the beach, a full cleaning will remove contaminants from the inside. This article only covers regular maintenance on Daiwa baitcasting reels that needs to be done yearly.

The first step to performing maintenance is reading the user guide that came with your reel! It will give you specific instructions for your model of reel.

REMEMBER: Oil goes on bearings and grease goes on gears.

Here is what you will need to perform reel maintenance on your Daiwa reels:



Do not use WD-40 to oil any of your reel parts. It may work well for many applications but it is not good for reels. WD-40 is a water displacement solution (degreaser) and will not work well in a fishing reel.

Do not use any 3 in 1 oils, olive oil or any type of machine oil on your reels. Only use oil that is specifically designed for your reel. Some oils are too thick and will attract grime to it as well as slow down your reel, reducing performance. Other oils are too thin and will splatter into other moving parts of the reel creating a mess and also reducing performance.

For Daiwa reels I use the “special” oil provided in the reel box for the spool bearings as the user manual recommends. For the lubrication of other parts Daiwa recommends that you use regular reel oil. Quantum Hot Sauce, Abu Garcia reel oil, Ardent reel oil,  or Shimano reel oil is adequate.

Use the “special” oil for the right and left spool shaft bearings  ONE drop is enough. Do not put more than one drop as the extra oil will get on the other parts of the reel. The video below details more specific cleaning procedures.


You will not need a lot of  grease for regular reel maintenance. Grease goes on the internal gears of your reel and since you are not opening it up you will not need a lot. Some reels really only need grease on the main gear, and it should be used sparingly. For my Daiwa reels I only place a small drop on the worm gear.


I use only Ardent Reel Kleen cleaning solution to clean my reels. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is the only other cleaning solution I would recommend on reels.  Mix it with a little bit of warm water so it’s not too strong and use a small spray bottle to apply it. It doesn’t leave a residue and works just fine.  If using the alcohol mixture, apply to a cloth and wipe down the reel. If you spray it directly on the reel, spray it sparingly as you don’t want the cleaning solution to seep into the reel’s internals. Do not use WD-40 or and other degreaser-type cleaners as they leave a film on the reel and may be harmful to the reel. Cleaners such as dish soap leave a residue also.


Your Reel’s Schematic – Because you never know! If you don’t have it you can find it here

Cloth towel – A clean cotton or terry cloth towel to set your reels on and another to clean the reel with

Workspace – Somewhere to work undisturbed, with good lighting

Q-tips – This is needed for light oiling and cleaning had to reach spots. Ardent makes small foam swabs that you can purchase for this if you wish as well

Reel cleaner – Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaner works well and it comes in a nifty spray bottle. Isopropyl alcohol mixed with a little water is the only other thing I’ve used. Any reel cleaner specifically designed for reels is acceptable

Soft Bristled tooth brush – For brushing away dirt and grime

Reel Oil – Use only proper reel oil! Do not substitute reel oil with other oils intended for other uses

Reel Grease – Again, use only proper reel grease designed for fishing reels

I used a Daiwa Zillion Coastal to show how to clean your reel.  Other Daiwa reels require similar treatment. When you are done cleaning your reel, it’s important to ensure you back off the drag, loosen the fine casting adjustment, and place the reel in something that is protective such as a Reel Glove or a neoprene pouch for storage.

Daiwa Reel Cleaning Instructions:


By conducting regular maintenance your reel should provide you with years of reliable fishing. See our other reel maintenance guides for Shimano spinning reels and baitcasters.

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