Dressing for your Day on the Water

Dressing for your Day on the Water

Dressing for your Day on the Water

by November 28, 2012


An Interview with FLW Pro, John Cox

Recently, I spoke with John Cox, an FLW Touring Pro

March 31, 2015

My Fall Smallmouth Pattern

Fall fishing is the best time of year, it’s where you can go out and catch your personal best just like I did this year. Cold weather, wind, rain, and even snow, if you haven’t put your boat away, you too have the chance to catch a fish of a lifetime!

October 10, 2014

Have you ever been out on the water and Mother Nature disrupts you from catching those monsters.  You should always be prepared for the worst. It’s a no brainer that you should check the weather before you head out. But sometimes she can throw a curve ball and you must have the proper gear if you want to continue your day on the water. Having the proper rain gear, layers, and sun protection on the boat is a must.

Dressing for your Day on the Water

Being prepared for weather at a moments notice is essential for any angler on the water. Have your rain gear handy, you never know when you will need it!

Rain Gear:  Having a good quality water proof, breathable jacket and pants are essential in staying dry.  Storing them in your dry box and having them available at a moment’s notice will have you ready for any type of rain.  As for the pants, I recommend wearing bib pants, as you sit down or snuff a wave that you don’t get any water down your back. With this setup you can endure an entire day of rain and swell.


Dressing for your Day on the Water

A buff with UV protection is a great way to protect your face and neck from sunburn

Sun Protectors:  As Anglers we spend countless hours out on the water and a hat just won’t cover it!  Using 30 to 60spf sunscreen once isn’t enough to protect you from those harmful UV rays either. Each year more anglers are finding that aging of their skin and even cancer is a strong possibility. Because of this, many companies have come out with items to help prevent these harmful rays from attacking your skin. Items like UV Buff, sun gloves, sleeves and even UV protected shirts and pants. All these items will help protect your skin, but I still suggest that you still use sunscreen and reapply every hour.

Warm Clothes: Anything can happen out on the water, you could be a part of a blooper reel and fall in  (Not actually funny) or Mother Nature can drop the temperature and turn up the wind.  Having extra warm dry clothes on the boat can really save your day or your life.  Merino Wool is one of the warmest fabrics for a sweater as it retains body heat and breaths well. You can purchase different grades of this wool for different weather conditions.

Accessories: Don’t forget about the most important protection on the water: Sunglasses! Having a good quality pair of polarized sun glasses not only helps you see what’s in the water but also protects your eyes from the sun and flying bullet weights and missed hooksets. 

Dressing for your Day on the Water

Quality eye protection is an essential part of any angler’s gear. It not only protects your eyes, it also allows greater visibility on the water.

 With a strong pregame plan and good quality gear you can be prepared for a long day on the water no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!

See you on the Water!

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