Dunkin’ Slop – With Tubes

Dunkin’ Slop – With Tubes

Dunkin’ Slop – With Tubes

by December 9, 2012

This fall my buddy and fishing partner decided to fish a local small tournament in a body of water that has very little open water to fish, most parts of the lake were covered in a real thick mat of weeds.


Most people would shy away from fishing  these weeds as it was also very difficult to navigate with a bow mount trolling motor and I even had my main motor overheat in this thick slop.


Most recreational anglers won’t even come close to fishing this stuff and to tell you the truth it’s a lot of work but pays off big time with big fish.


The setup I used during this tournament was an old 7-foot Cormorant heavy fishing rod, a Abu Garcia ambassador bait casting reel spooled with 20lb test power pro green.


My lure setup was aBerkleyHavoc 4” Smash Tube set up Texas Rigged with the hook just tucked into the tubes body to make this setup totally weedless.


The Havoc tube was weighted down with a 1/2oz. worm weigh but depending on the thickness of the weeds you can go up to a 1oz weight. I prefer to use the worm weights with that screw in but pegging them with a toothpick will work just as good.


The presentation we used in the tournament was to lift both the main engine and the trolling motor and drift over the weeds looking for small open holes to drop the weighted tube into. Most fish would hit on the way down and don’t be afraid to hit the same hole twice! Fishing the thick weed edges and casting into them also paid of as shown in my video.


We ended up finishing 3rd in this tournament as well as Nuno bagged a big fish in the last 10 mins of the tournament!




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