Evolve Nervous Walker Frog – Product Review

Evolve Nervous Walker Frog – Product Review

Evolve Nervous Walker Frog – Product Review

by September 5, 2013


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August 26, 2013

Gear used in this review:

  • Team AllStar Road 7-ft Med/Fast Action Rod
  • Pflueger Cetina 7.1:1 high Speed Reel
  • Suffix 832 Braid 60-lb test Line

The Evolve Nervous Frog in my opinion is one of the best hollow body frogs I have ever tried. I have tried various brands and styles. If in a side by side comparison, I am convinced that the Evolve would take most if not all hollow body frogs on the market to the cleaners.

Evolve Nervous Walker Frog FishingThe Evolve frog has various features that I immediately responded to. The weight at the rear of the frog enables it to sit up high in the water and makes completing such actions as “walking the dog” easier and more effective. The softness of the body makes the frog feel more realistic and facilitates an easy hook set.  As I began to use the frog I tracked my time fishing with it and a quickly realized that the frog was producing a very high success rate. For every hit I received with the frog tied on there was a hook set. The frog’s weight is also very helpful in casting. Casting this frog is easy and you are really able to get it out there far and easier to place.

Evolve Nervous Walker Frog Fishing

The one issue I do see with the Evolve is its weight. Though great in some aspects the weight is also an issue as it causes the frog to land hard in the water. I have found an easy way to counteract the effect that landing hard has is to just leave the frog in that same spot momentarily until all the ripples in the water are gone and then begin your action. This almost gives off the impression that whatever fell in the water needed a minute to regroup.  I would also like to see more color choices available and would like to see the price stay in the range that it is in.

Evolve Nervous Walker Frog Fishing

Overall my experience with the Evolve Nervous Frog was a very enjoyable and successful one. This is a product I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in purchasing a frog to fish with.

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  1. Jason Barnucz
    #1 Jason Barnucz 5 September, 2013, 00:09

    Hi Michael,

    Good review. Thanks. Curious what kind of cover you were fishing this frog. Your rod choice is a little light for many of my frog fishing applications. Although, accuracy would be better with the rod you chose. Thanks.

    – Jason

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    • Grant Pentiricci
      Grant Pentiricci 12 December, 2013, 22:44

      Hey Jason, from the pictures in the review I’m assuming that Michael fished the frog over cover that wasn’t touching the surface. You’re right, a Med power is a little light for froggin… I like a Heavy- Fast. That’s my go- to rod for slop, pads or any matted stuff.

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