FELL Marine Launches the MOB- Wireless Electronic Cut-off Switch

FELL Marine Launches the MOB- Wireless Electronic Cut-off Switch

FELL Marine Launches the MOB- Wireless Electronic Cut-off Switch

by August 6, 2016

This year at Icast 2016 our team was intrigued and excited to see that FELL marine, a Norwegian company, had an innovative new product that will increase boating safety using technology in a new way. The new MOB (Man Over Board) wireless electronic cut-off switch was developed by a Norwegian development team with extensive experience in maritime boating, including the Norwegian Coast Guard.

The MOB wireless cut-off switch was developed by FELL to be easily installed into any type of boat. It comprises of an easy to install xHUB mounted in your boat and a wearable xFOB. The two parts of this system communicate together using WiMEA.

The MOB cut-off switch has some very exciting possibilities for boaters of all kinds. As an avid multispecies angler who does occasional tournaments and often pre-fishes alone, the MOB would be a must have safety feature. The safety implications for families who enjoy boating are also huge.

Here’s a quick intro video by FELL Marine:

What Is WiMEA?

WiMEA is a proprietary industrial grade wireless technology developed by FELL marine and is touted to be 100% stable. This means that the MOB system will reportedly never loose signal while maintaing a high speed link. The WiMEA (Wireless Marine Electronic Algorythim) is a highly advanced marine protocol. The WiMEA system also utilizes several frequency channels and has 4D antennae diversity to avoid interference and unintended signal blockage. The WiMEA system responds as fast as manually pulling a cut-off switch cord.

Wearable xFOB

XFOBThe xFOB is designed to be highly wearable and can be clipped on your belt, worn on your wrist, or around your neck. FELL Marine offers several accessories in different colors for boaters to customize how they want to protect themselves.

wearing the xFOB

How Does It Work?

Basically, the xFOB is worn by the boater and it maintains a constant latent signal with the xHUB unit mounted in the boat. When the person wearing the xFOB falls in the water the signal is broken, triggering the xHUB to kill the engine.

You can check out the FELL Marine website by clicking HERE

Be sure to check them out for more information.


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