Fishing on Six Mile Lake, Ontario – August 2012

Fishing on Six Mile Lake, Ontario – August 2012

Fishing on Six Mile Lake, Ontario – August 2012

by November 25, 2012

My family was invited to stay at a cottage on Six Mile Lake along with another family.


We left our house at 7:30 am and arrived at 10:00 am. After arrival we unpacked, drove to the marina to launch the boat and got ready for the great day ahead of us.


After the launch, we boated back to the cottage, put our bathing suits on and dove into the water. My dad took the boat out for a drive and managed to catch a 3lb Pike on his second cast of the entire trip. I could not wait to claim mine.


After a refreshing swim we ate lunch and started fishing from the dock, we didn’t have any luck besides the baby fish beside the dock so we decided to just wait until the evening.


After a few hours of relaxing and enjoying the water, we settled down, had dinner and got ready for the best part of the day at around 6:30 PM, FISHING!


We split up into two boats, my brother and his two friends and my dad in one boat and me one of the little kids and his dad in the other which meant lots of room for me. We headed out to the first spot and I started off suspending minnows in eight feet of water…..No luck, next I tried suspending worms….No luck, I decided to switch to a spinner….No luck. I heard a big splash across the lake and looked over to see my dad pull up a 5 lb Pike. I started giving up as nothing was biting so I decided to switch to a Red Devil Spoon what a surprise…..No luck. We decided to drive back to the cottage and fish nearby to it because it was getting dark. I decided to give fishing one more shot and switch to the lure which has caught every Pike I have ever gotten, my Pink Mepps Cyclops. Our driver was getting tired and said we should wrap it up I agreed and decide to take a couple more casts, 1st cast nothing, 2nd cast, nothing. I took the final cast of the day and as I was reeling reeling I felt a sharp jolt and then nothing, I knew it was a fish I yelled out I got one and they got the net I reeled it in and realized I had caught my first Pike of the weekend at 3 lbs. What a great way to end the day! I felt great, even though it was just a little guy. We tried to take some pictures, but, sadly, the camera would not cooperate.  We released it safely back to the water and headed back to the cottage.


After the fishing we relaxed for a bit, went to bed and got ready for the next day!


I woke up at 6:00 am got dressed and headed out to the boat with my brother, his friend, and my dad. We drove to the spot where my dad caught his 5 lb pike the previous day. I decided to continue using my Pink Mepps Syclops as it did the job yesterday. Within five casts I landed the first Pike of the day. He was a little guy.

We fished for about an hour catching some little fish but nothing else. We decided to move to where my dad caught his first Pike the other day and take some casts. 20 minutes in, my dad hooked into a Pike and was fighting it back to the boat. After the struggle we got the fish to the boat, netted it, and then released it back to the water.

After a shortage of luck we drove over to where I caught my Pike the previous day and didn’t get a single bite. So we drove just across the lake from where we were, to a rock bead and caught a couple bass and my brother managed to catch a nice 1 lb rock bass.


My dad told me that I should switch to worms because I wasn’t going to catch a Pike In a rock bed and all I said was “Pike can be anywhere. Right after that I reeled in my 2nd Pike of the day, I laughed at him for saying that and repeated my words “Pike can be anywhere”.


After I caught the fish I casted again and my leader broke off mid air and I lost my awesome Pink Mepps Syclops after that we wrapped up the fishing and headed back to the cottage for breakfast. We rounded everyone up and headed out with the two boats for some more fishing right after breakfast in a shallow swamp like area for bass, I was using a green frog didn’t catch anything. I guess the Pink Syclops was my good luck charm.

We headed back to the cottage and went swimming for an hour, ate lunch and went tubing and water skiing.


We spent the rest of the day swimming and enjoying outdoor activities. After all of the fun we all gathered to have our last dinner before we left.


I had a blast, we all did.

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