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When it comes to safety and your eyes, there’s no cutting corners. Protection for your eyes is one of the best investments any angler can make. Aside from being able to spot fish from greater distances, quality eyewear protects your eyes from UV rays, flying hooks and bugs during fast runs in your boat.

I tried the Eclipse sunglasses from Guideline Eyegear for an extended period this year under lots of different fishing conditions and here are my thoughts:


  • Large, modified oval frame.
  • Frame Constructed from Grilamid BTR, 51% bio-based polymer.
  • Polarized, durable and 100% UV A and B ray protective Polycarbonate lens with a thickness of 1.4 mm.
  • Includes a soft, durable and lightweight protective case with Velcro closure.


The Eclipse frames are very solid and the polymer frames are durable to withstand the rigours of fishing and being stored in a bassboat. That being said, these frames are heavier than other sunglasses that I have owned, but not unbearable. Anglers looking for a super light frame may want to check out styles from Guideline such as the Draf or Mantis. Those styles don’t feature a full frame, but beware, what you gain in weight reduction you loose in durability and strength; two qualities that I think are a must for someone looking for outdoor sunglasses.

Eclipse Glasses Closeup3

The Eclipse has a super durable frame that makes it capable of withstanding all kinds of everyday abuse.


At $59.99 these sunglasses are moderately priced and they won’t break the bank. For the lens quality and clarity you receive they are, in my opinion, good value for the money. When you compare the Eclipse to higher priced sunglasses their lens quality was easily comparable.

Where the Eclipse sunglasses start to fall behind is in frame weight. I found that higher priced sunglasses such as Oakley and Ray-Ban were considerably lighter, but also  much more fragile. There is clearly a trade-off between weight and durability.


Eclipse Glasses Closeup2

The Eclipse sunglasses came with a neoprene pouch to protect the polarized lenses.


First off, let me say that the Eclipse has some super clear lenses that performed just as expected. Glare is not an issue when I fish with these sunglasses and the Eclipse model does not allow sun glare to enter around the frame. I did find that because the arms of the frames were so large, they blocked some peripheral vision; specifically when driving and looking over my shoulder. This is a result of the super large durable frame. I don’t wear these sunglasses for towing for just this reason.

These glasses are very durable. After using these sunglasses for more than six months, they have been sat on, stepped on, and dropped many times. They have fared remarkably well and I am still using them for fishing to this day.

Guideline facefit

These sunglasses fit well and wrap around my face comfortably.


For anglers on a budget who are looking for a no nonsense glasses with high quality lenses, this is for you! I think that Guideline has amazing quality lenses that rival their competitors without breaking the bank. If weight is a factor for you, then perhaps another of Guideline’s many styles will suit your fancy, but the Eclipse model is a great pair for fishing.

These glasses now have a permanent home on my bass boat. The super durable frame makes the Eclipse frames from Guidewear ideal for outdoor use in a variety of outdoor activities.

You can check out the Eclipse sunglasses online at the Guideline Eyegear website.

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4out of 5
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3out of 5

Reasonably priced, tough frames and good quality lenses. Those are the things that the Eclipse has going for it. Weight, comfort and range of vision are where the Eclipse sunglasses fall short for anglers.


3.8 out of 5

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