Hydrowave Custom Mount, HOW – TO

Hydrowave Custom Mount, HOW – TO

Hydrowave Custom Mount, HOW – TO

by April 19, 2014


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Whatever your motivation for purchasing this hardware, it doesn’t matter… you’ve got it now and need to mount it. I’m probably like most other anglers out there and want to test this product out for myself. I’ll definitely be writing a detailed review about the Hydrowave in the near future; but for now I need to get this baby mounted up in my boat.


I did extensive research online about mounting options for the Hydrowave and found a few YouTube videos that showed basic mounting and wiring for this unit. However, I wasn’t satisfied with the mounting options shown online. I found few boats that used a dedicated RAM mount, but that seems like too much to me. I liked one idea that utilized the RAM mount from the bow graph to hold the Hydorwave unit with a home made plate, so I’ve decided to give it a go and make my own version.


I had one main objective: I don’t want to bend down all the way to the deck to adjust the Hydrowave settings. If any of you have ever fished big water, you’ll know that it can get rough out there. The less time I’m spent bending over in rolling waves, the safer I’ll be; not to mention the tripping hazard that the Hydrowave unit can present it its right on the deck.  Constantly bending down is also going to wreak havok on any angler with back problems as well.


I chose to explore alternative mounting options and came up with an idea that I think works out pretty well for my needs. This is a mount that goes on my RAM mount and brings the Hydrowave closer to me.



Here are some pros and cons to this type of setup:



  • It looks good
  • The unit higher up; less bending over which means safer in rolling waves & better for your back
  • You can remove the Hydrowave head unit with your RAM mounted bow graph to prevent theft
  • It’s not a tripping hazard if it’s not mounted on your deck
  • No drilling additional holes into your deck



  • Makes RAM mount slightly heavier (I recommend that you use the beefier RAM mount with the 2″ ball)
  • Requires that you put on the bow graph if you use this mount every time you fish (I don’t know why you’d ever leave equipment behind anyway, I never do)


Materials Needed:

  • Hydrowave unit (of course!)
  • 16 gauge steel; I purchased 8×18′ piece of steel from my local Lowes (Stainless steel is recommended because its rust resistant, but most of us don’t have access to cutting equipment for this)
  • 1/2-20 x 1/2 stainless steel bolts with hex nylon lock nuts x 4
  • Steel cutting drill bits; I used a 1/4 inch bit to drill my holes
  • Drill; I recommend a plug in heavy duty drill instead of a cordless model
  • Steel drill bits; I used a 1/4 inch bit to cut my holes
  • Jigsaw
  • Steel cutting blades
  • Tape measure & marker
  • Wire brush, sandpaper or grinder with wire disk to remove burrs
  • Primer and paint if you choose to paint your mount (You will have to if it’s not stainless steel – to prevent corrosion)


Here are the steps I took to make this mount:

1. Decide what shape and length you want your bracket to be, depending on your mount, . Mine was 8″x 11″ with a tapered edge.

Hydrowave Mounting Plate template_5202. Cut your metal to size

3. Cut mounting holes

Hydrowave Mounting Plate_5204. Clean off any burrs or sharp edges off the metal.

5. Test fit everything together and ensure you are happy with the placement of the Hydrowave head unit.

6. Clean the metal with Acetone or alcohol to remove contaminants.

7. Prime your mount (optional if you are using stainless steel).

8. Paint your mount (optional if you are using stainless steel).

9. Assemble your mount using stainless steel hardware.

10. Enjoy!


This project wasn’t hard and didn’t take a lot of valuable spare time. I think the mount came out pretty well. After I got the RAM mount back on my boat I did notice a few things that anglers may want to take note of:


1 – The larger bow mount would have blocked my view from the cockpit if I was shorter. This is a huge concern, especially if you can’t see whats in front of you. I am very tall, so it was not a big deal for me. However, some shorter guys may want to test out the mount for safety before they go ripping across the lake. Of course, the RAM mount can be dropped down to the deck if needed, and you would probably do this anyway for extended runs or rough water.


2 – I haven’t gone out in rough weather yet and am very curious to see how this mount will fare with constant bow slapping; but I’m sure it’ll be okay. I do plan on putting extra support under the RAM mount in the form of a wood plate under the bow deck to add extra support for the additional weight.


Feel free to send messages with questions, or share what you’ve come up with for creative Hydrowave mounting options!


Tight Lines!


About Grant:

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Grant is the Founder of AnglingAuthority.com.  While he primarily fishes for large mouth and small mouth bass, he’s passionate about sport fishing in general and is an avid multi-species angler.  Learning about new tactics, gear, species and conditions is all part of what makes the sport challenging and enjoyable. Grant also loves to travel, particularly to prime fishing destinations. Grant participates in regional tournaments and is a proud member of State Apparel and Gambler Lures’ Am Pro Staff, Canadian Bass Anglers Federation, B.A.S.S. and Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters. Follow AnglingAuthority on FacebookTwitter and YouTube



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  1. Jack
    #1 Jack 13 June, 2015, 21:05

    Looking at Hydrowave h2. I would like to know if it is worth buying or a gimmick. I would also like to know if it is made cheaply or well made?
    Thank you, Jack

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    • Grant Pentiricci
      Grant Pentiricci Author 17 July, 2015, 14:08

      I think it’s well made. I’ve had it on my boat for about 18 months now and I haven’t had a problem with it. It has worked for musky and for small mouth…they behaved differently. It does something, but I can’t say what exactly.

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