ICAST 2014 – Top 40 New Product Highlights

ICAST 2014 – Top 40 New Product Highlights

ICAST 2014 – Top 40 New Product Highlights

by July 21, 2014


ICAST 2014 – New Power-Pole C-Monster 2.0 – Swift, Silent, Secure and SMART

At ICAST 2014 in Orlando, Power-Pole unveiled the 2015 updates

July 22, 2014

ICAST 2014 – Lowrance Elite 3X – First Color Fishfinder Under $100

At ICAST 2014, Lowrance announced the newest additions to its

July 21, 2014

LiveTarget Baitball Yearling Evolution – ICAST 2014 New Products

LIVETARGET started off just a few years ago, in 2008,

July 16, 2014

Just a few days after another ICAST show comes to a close, our heads are still spinning with all the new products which were introduced last week. This year’s show in Orlando definitely lived up to its reputation, and felt significantly larger than last year’s show in Vegas. More than 11,000 members of the fishing industry gathered to show and talk fishing, including exhibitors, buyers, media and fishing pros.

Similar to last year, some clear themes emerged. The first, and probably the most exciting to the average angler is bringing new features and technology into products at lower price points, like the new Lowrance Elite 3X which offers amazing functionality for under $99! Other trends include more realistic appearance and life-like movement in lures and a focus on swimbaits, topwater and wakebaits. Some manufacturers, like JL Marine Systems, are taking technology, already common on our smartphones and created an advanced app to control detailed settings and operations of your Power-Poles with C-Monster 2.0. 13 Fishing has taken the macro trend of mass customization and brought it to their Concept line of reels with their new 13 Fishing Trick Shop. Other manufacturers have continued to blur the lines between lure categories, like the new ZMan Pop Shadz, which is a soft plastic with a cupped popper mouth. Another great example is the Kahara KJ Crank, which is soft much like a hollow body frog and behaves like a crank bait.Top40ICAST2014 - ShowHighlights - header

It was impossible to visit every single booth in just the three days of the trade show. Of what we did see, here is our “Top 40” list of new products which stood out from the pack… things that make you go “hmm”. As a disclaimer, we’re not listing these products in any particular order.  Also, as we haven’t tested any of them on the water; this is simply of a list of new products that peaked our interest and that we’d love to investigate further.

ICAST 2014 – New Reels

 Abu Garcia Revo Beast

This is a new addition to the Revo lineup that has been successful for Abu Garcia. The Beast features handle and grip upgrades as well as aluminum sideplates for added toughness. A great reel for throwing big cranks down deep. You’ll be able to get a lot of power out of this reel.

13 Fishing Concept KP Reel

The KP really is the Lambo of reels. With super light weight parts made of carbon composites and graphite and NO plastic, the KP retains the same strong internals as the other reels in the Concept lineup, but has all the bling of a supercar. It just looks like it is ready to drag race!

Lew’s Speed Spool LPS

This is another new addition to the Lews lineup that Speed Spool fans are going to love. Just as the name implies, the Speed Spool LPS has upgrades building on a solid reel design.

13 Fishing Trick Shop

Tricking out your reel is not a unique idea, however, 13 Fishing is the first manufacturer that we have seen to support customization with a whole array of in-house alternate parts that you can buy online. There will be upgrade packages you can buy to upgrade your reels such as the “Patriot” which features red, white, and blue components. Alternatively,  you can choose your own color combos and individual parts. These components don’t just enhance the look of the reel, they are performance improvements as well.

ICAST 2014 New Rods

St. Croix Rods Avid X Series

Featuring the same SCIII blank with IPC (integrated Poly Curve) construction as the original Avid series, the X brings new features to the table. Micro line guides and a split cork grip are the two biggest things that anglers should take note of with the Avid X rods.

St. Croix Legend Trek

The Legend Trek is a new line of travel rods. Now you can get the same high quality features in a 3-piece travel rod. These rods feature IPC and ART technology and are touted to be as strong as their 1 piece counterparts. The Legend Trek isn’t cheap, but will travel extremely well and offer anglers nothing but performance on their trip. These rods come in baitcasting and spinning models.

Denali J2 Series of Rods

These rods feature a quality IM7 blank with ring lock guides and a foam grip. They also feature a redesigned stabilized hardwood fore grip. But we haven’t mentioned the best part yet… at a starting MSRP of $99, these rods are sure to grab any angler’s attention.

13 Fishing Tickle Sticks

Touted as revolutionary for ice fishing, the Tickle Stick features parallel composite construction. The fibers that make up this rod run the length of the rod, adding sensitivity and some strength to the rod. The unique design starts off with a round blank, but as you move towards the tip of the rod it gets flat.

13 Fishing Archangel Rods

13 Fishing claims that this is the apex of rod construction and features high end/high density foam and cork, Fuji reel seat/line guides and MR70 carbon tube blank. It’s super light and super strong.

Megabass Orochi XX Rods

These rods are super high quality and feature high quality materials. The blanks are low-resin carbon and feature vertical-axis carbon-core wrapped with a 2-axis XX-Micro Carbon layer, followed by an additional vertical-axis carbon layer. It’s a mouthful, but it translates into super sensitivity and strength. Each rod in the Orochi XX lineup has a different blank matched to the technique it is intended for.

ICAST 2014 New Electronics

Lowrance Elite 3X

(All season model shown above is the first color fishfinder for under $100 and will be available in August 2014. For more details click-> here.

PowerPole C-Monster 2.0 and new controls

These updates for your Power Pole system will be available in 2015. For more details, click -> here.

JVC Everio

This completely water-submersible camcorder has full functionality, including excellent sound and a large LCD screen for $399. It’s the perfect pairing with JVC’s wearable Adixxion camera, to capture your best moments on the water.

Hydrowave H2

At first glance, this looks just like the original Hydrowave freshwater system. This H2 model has new sounds and sound patterns, a combined power and speaker plug-in, pre-programmed delay options and a larger LCD screen.

ICAST 2014 New Topwater & Wakebaits

Spro BBZ 1 Rat

This lure won Best in Show in the hard bait category. Measuring 10″ in total length, this bait is going to appeal to many anglers. It has several different uses and comes in five(5) different fish catching colors. The BBZ-1 Rat is sure to be a big bass bait, or a great bait for big game species.

Sebile Pivot Frog

A different take on the soft body frog, the pivot frog utilizes a single hook down the center to change the traditional center of gravity of a frog. This allows the Pivot frog increased topwater action that can potentially trigger strikes you would have never gotten with a regular frog.

Kahara KJ Crank

This versatile crank is a soft bodied crankbait without treble hooks. What’s so cool about this bait is that it utilizes a frog hook. This means you can fish a crankbait in dense lilly pads and through Hydrilla virtually snagless! The KJ crank is very buoyant, so you can also pop it on the surface, or even reel it in slowly as a wakebait if you choose.

Z-Man Pop Shadz

The Pop Shadz is a cool soft plastic that can be fished like a weedless Pop-R. Rigged with an EWG hook, you can fish it weedless in cover that is super thick. Being a soft plastic, it will make bass want to hold onto it longer as it feels more realistic. Click ->here for more details.

Yamamoto Funka Frog

This frog is Yamamoto’s first venture into hollow body frogs. The Funka Frog features a loud internal rattle and mirrored abalone-finished bottom, which is also an internal weight. The idea behind the design is that the weight will allow the frog to cast extremely, as well as ensure that it rights itself every time.

Lunkerhunt Combat Frog

This is another extension of the Lunkerfrog. The Combat frog has a larger profile, tapered nose, and a larger air bladder intended to allow you to fish it in dense cover for bigger fish.

ICAST 2014 New Swimbaits

Biwaa Swimbaits

Biwaa is a newcomer to the North American market, however it is well established in Europe as a hardbait manufacturer. Biwaa brings cool designs that have ultra realistic finishes to the table. This is definitely a lure manufacturer to watch!

Megabass Spark Shad

These new realistic swimbaits are designed with anatomically correct fins to prevent rolling.

Megabass Mag Draft

The Mag Draft features through-wire construction with a magnet to hold the treble hook out of the way and reduce snags. This lure has super-realistic finishes and a paddle tail.

Strike King Blade Minnow

This addition to KVD’s Perfect Plastic line, this swimbait has four (4) segments in the body designed to create a lively kicking action.

ICAST 2014 New Hard Baits

Megabass SM-X Spriggan

The SM-X Spriggan is a small crankbait with super-high quality finishes.

IMA Beast Hunter

This lure wasn’t launched this year, but it’s the first time we’ve had a close look at it. The crankbait was design to swim through grass without hanging up; it can be fished virtually anywhere. 

LiveTarget Yearling

This extension of the Baitball series features LiveTarget’s trademark realistic finishes. The idea behind the yearling is that early in the season, bass will attack small groups of fry.

Spro Little John XL70

This larger-profile, 3/4-oz, crankbait has flat sides, which pivots as it swims. It is slated to be in stores in November 2014.

Spro Rock Crawler 55

This 1/2-oz crankbait has internal rattles and a wide wobble which will rival the Wiggle Wart.

ICAST 2014 New Soft Plastics

Biwaa Armored Craw

Another cool bait from Biwaa, the oversized claws and long antennae of this soft plastic make it very interesting as a jig trailer for pitching.

Jackall Scissor Shad

A lot of appendages with lots of movement make this a great bait for a drop-shotting, or any slow presentation.

Reins Bubbling Shaker

We love the movement of the tail on this lure. It has ultra-soft plastic and the design of it catches air bubbles, making it almost suspend. The Bubble Shaker will be absolutely deadly when fishing for smallmouth on a drop shot rig.

Strike King Rage Bug

This is a beaver bait soft plastic, featuring six appendages, using the rage flange. James Niggemeyer has been fishing this primarily on a Texas-rig.

Lunkerhunt Core Strength Lunker Bug

This soft plastic features a reinforced mylar skeleton, designed to prevent the bait from falling apart after repeated fish strikes.

Riot Baits Fuzzy Beaver

We love beaver baits and we bet that bass will love this one too. The ribbing on it makes it super-supple which might get bass to hold on longer, allowing you more time to set the hook. It has a slow movement and also releases  air bubbles, which are trapped in the ribbing of the body.

ICAST 2014 New Other Lures

 Freedom Tackle Minnow

Panfish and hard water anglers will love this. It’s design makes for a super-slow fall, which entice fish strikes.

Megabass Wild Header

This bladed swimjig will be amazing in the fall! The molded jig head with large eyes make it more realistic. Add a paddle tail on the end, and hold on! I wish it came in white and black/blue, but the Gold Shad will be my go-to color.

ICAST 2014 New Boat Accessories

Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling Motor

This was awarded the ASA ICAST 2014 Best Boating Accessory. The Ulterra features power-trim and full-automated stow-and-deploy. This is all controlled through the iPilot remote.

Plano Marine Waterproof Trunk and Frabill Aqualife Aerator

These two products were on display together in the Frabill/Plano booth. They will come in handy for anglers looking for storage or aerating baitfish.

Mustang Survival Elite Inflatable PFD

This inflatable PFD won’t ride-up at high boating speeds. It is designed for improved comfort and support. The inflation handle has been moved from the bottom to the side.

Official ASA ICAST Best of Show Winners

  • Best Freshwater Rod – Duckett Fishing, Micro Magic Pro
  • Best Saltwater Rod – Shimano, Terez Stand Up
  • Best Fly Fishing Rod – G Loomis, PRO4x Short Stix
  • Best Freshwater Reel – Pure Fishing, Abu Garcia Revo Beast
  • Best Saltwater Reel – Pure Fishing, PENN Battle II Spinning
  • Best Fly Fishing Reel – 3-TAND, TF-70 Sealed Fly Reel
  • Best Hard Lure – Spro, BBZ-1 Rat
  • Best Soft Lure – Okuma Fishing, Savage Gear 3D PVC Crab
  • Best Lifestyle Apparel – Pelagic, 4TEK Fish Finder Boardshort
  • Best Technical Apparel – STORMR, Fusion Bib
  • Best Boating Accessory – Johnson Outdoors, Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling Motor
  • Best Boat – Johnson Outdoors, Watercraft Predator XL
  • Best Combo – Lew’s, American Hero Baitcast Combo
  • Best Electronics – Johnson Outdoors, Humminbird ONIX8SI
  • Best Eyewear – Costa,  Hamlin – 580P Mirror Lenses
  • Best Fishing Accessory – Lit-Industries, Lit Coolers
  • Best FishSmart Tackle – Cuda Fishing Tools, Cuda Grip & Scale
  • Best FlyFishing Accessory – Plastica Panaro SRL M2300-Fly Caddy
  • Best Footwear – Columbia Sportswear ,Megavent PFG
  • Best Giftware – Helter Skeletons, Authentic Skeletal Articulation
  • Best Kid’s Tackle – ZEBCO Brands, ZEBCO Splash Combos
  • Best Line – Pure Fishing, Berkley IronSilk
  • Best Tackle Management – ENGEL, UC30-RH
  • Best Terminal Tackle – Eagle Claw, TroKar TK619
  • Overall Best Of Show – Johnson Outdoors, Watercraft Predator XL

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