Interview with Freedom Tackle Hybrid Jigs President, Michael Tamburro

Interview with Freedom Tackle Hybrid Jigs President, Michael Tamburro

Interview with Freedom Tackle Hybrid Jigs President, Michael Tamburro

by February 13, 2013

Freedom Tackle created buzz at ICAST 2012 for their hybrid jigs which feature a free range of motion and advanced interchangeable hook design; a huge accomplishment for any tackle brand.  It was an even greater accomplishment for a small company that is just a couple years old. We’re always interested in learning more about small-medium sized businesses; and this innovative, Canadian-based brand is no exception.


We had a lot of questions for Michael Tamburro, President of Freedom Tackle, including questions about his plans for ICAST 2013:

How was Freedom Tackle founded and what is your company’s focus?  

Michael Tamburro with FLW Angler David Fritts (photo courtesy of Freedom Tackle)

“Freedom Tackle Corp. was founded in 2011.  I was at the 2010 Toronto Sportsman show and pitched my idea to a few high profile anglers, they were extremely excited and suggested I pursue my idea.  Our company’s focus is to bring them new products that they can customize themselves to allow them to create their own magic bullet.  Everyone is looking for the edge and we feel we have provided the angler the tools to do so.”

Did you coin the term “Hybrid Jig” and what makes this product different or better than other jigs?

“We have created a new “Hybrid” category of fishing tackle – not a jig, not a lure – but a combination of both which creates free movement to plastics/live bait  under water. And the best part of all is that the hook is removable.  There are many features that make our jigs different from other ones; bait can float independently from the lead; increased hooking percentage; NO leverage for the fish to throw the hook; sonic brass echo chamber that releases sound upon contact with structure; and air bubbles are released when our jigs break the water’s surface. That’s just a few of our differences.

What was your testing process before the products were launched? 

“We had many pro staff and high profile anglers test our products in various locations in North America.  Our products are versatile and can be used for any species of fish around the world.”


I noticed that Freedom Tackle jigs come with hooks.  What are the features and benefits of using the hooks provided?  Is it possible to change to another hook style?

“Our hooks are custom made for us.  They are chemically sharpened black nickel and provide optimum hook sets.  Yes, you can change the hook to match the plastic that you want to present.  For the tournament angler who is sponsored by a certain brand, they can now use their brand of hooks on our jig heads.”


One of my pet peeves with jigs is when the paint chips off the jig head; how durable is the paint on your products?

“We take painting to the next level.  Our Rogue/Zodiac jigs are painted with a 2-part hardened epoxy finish for durability with bottom contact. Our Hydra/Stealth have a special hologram finish that reflects light and creates a realistic minnow flash; that finish is also coated with our epoxy coat.  All the jigs that have eyes are then clear coated for extra durability.”


How/Where can anglers purchase your products?  Are they available at any online stores?  How much are they?

“We are in many stores in North America [click here for list of retailers].  We can also be purchased at Tackle Warehouse.  The prices range depending on their size/weight from $6.49 – $9.49 for a 2-pack”



Will you be attending any Sportsmen, Boating or Fishing Shows in 2013?  Will Freedom Tackle products be sold at these shows?

“We are attending many shows throughout the US and Canada this upcoming year, and our products available for purchase at selective retailers at these shows.  We attended the Toronto Sportsmen Show and will be at the Toronto Spring Fishing & Boat Show, the Niagara Spring Fishing Show, and a few others.”


Congratulations on your success at ICAST 2012! Is there anything that you can disclose about what Freedom Tackle will be doing or launching at ICAST 2013?

“ICAST was an amazing experience as we were brand new and were well received by the public and press.  We were told we were a ‘breathe of fresh air for the fishing industry'”

Do you have plans to launch any new products, colours or other variations of existing products?

“We have a few very exciting ideas we are going to unveil at the 2013 ICAST Show in Las Vegas in July.  Follow us on Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/YouTube) to stay up to date with these news releases.”

I am really looking forward to testing out Freedom Tackle Hybrid Jigs on the water this coming season!  If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, be sure to check out Freedom Tackle’s booth at the Toronto Spring & Boat Show February 15th-18th, or at the Niagara Sportsmen Show March 15th-17th.

UPDATE: See our review on the Freedom Tackle Zodiac ->here.



For more information on Freedom Tackle, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

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