Interview with Shredlife Fishing Founder, Jason Kapperman

Interview with Shredlife Fishing Founder, Jason Kapperman

Interview with Shredlife Fishing Founder, Jason Kapperman

by May 4, 2013

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We are proud to have two of the Shredlife Fishing guys, Jason Kapperman and Adam Lebeau, on our Contributor team.  As Shredlife is a relatively new company, we thought you would like to know a little more about the company, its baits, and the Shredlife Fishing team.


We recently teamed up with Shredlife  for a contest giveaway (click here if you haven’t already entered). Founder, Jason Kapperman shared some behind-the-scenes insight.


“Shredlife Fishing is an online retailer of premium soft plastic fishing lures. We strive to bring anglers unique solutions to land more fish on every outing. Shredlife started with four everyday guys going out and catching fish together. Anthony Gordon, Damon Steele, Adam Lebeau and I have been fishing together for a while and decided to try and get involved with the fishing community. The idea for ‘Shred’ life came from a slang word we have used for a while now. The word Shred is used as an action verb to describe performing an activity; like ‘Shreddin’ bass’ and ‘Hey, let’s go shred for a few hours before work’. Anthony Gordon and I have played in a few bands together and we always used the word Shred to describe band practice. ‘Hey, I’ll meet you at the practice space to shred for a while, and then I have to go to work’. Long story short it is simply a slang term that we like. The definition from is ‘Shredlife: A life in which you do what you love and love what you do. A willingness to completely dedicate yourself to your activities for the sake of the shred’.


Given that as anglers, we all strive to do more of what we love, fish; the name, Shredlife, is a great fit!


Jason credits another company founder that helped get Shredlife started, “We could not have done this without the help of our good friend Luke Rubosky from Bassgrubb hand Poured Baits ( Luke helped us establish our business and has been a mentor to us in perfecting the delicate art of pouring soft plastic bass lures. A huge thanks goes out to him!”


Jason shared some insight on Shredlife’s product strategy, “We make hand poured soft plastic fishing lures. We sell different styles of worms, frogs, flukes, grubs. You name and we can probably make it happen. Our current lineup of products is limited at the moment as we are slowly introducing new products to the market. We don’t want to dump 20 different styles of baits on everyone as we are a newer company. Our focus is to target a specific bait and market that bait to the fullest and slowly introduce new products to the market as they are developed”.


Hawg Frog


The Shredlife Fishing team prides themselves on their customer-focus, “Basically it is all about our customers. We try to come up with products and color combinations based on feedback from our customers. If a customer is looking for a certain style of bait or certain color combo, we try our best to accommodate.  We are a creative bunch and that comes out in the names of our lures and color patterns. We like to shake things up a bit and not go with the same names as most other bait companies. For instance, our version of watermelon candy is called “Watermelon Dandy”. We also have colors like, Ghost Shad, Mint Chocolate, Trash Bomb, OG smoking Blue and Shredlife Candy just to name a few. Recently we allowed our fans to name our new top water frog.  Our fans chose “Hawg Frog” and that’s what we have named the bait!”  We are huge fans of the edgy color names, and have joined in some of Shredlife’s “name this bait” discussions on Twitter.


Jason told us about his favorite lure, the Shred Tail Worm, “This is a 5 ½” worm that features a paddle tail. We call it the Shred Tail because it definitely shreds some bass. The ribbed tail and paddle tail displace a lot of water and produces a thump that bass can’t resist. I like to rig this worm on a Texas rig with a 2.0 EWG hook. Just toss it out, give it a few subtle twitches and hold on!”


black grape


The Shredlife Fishing team is working on some new beaver-style soft baits, and promise that it will have some features that we’ve never seen before.  We can’t wait to try them out!


Tight Lines!


Shredlife Fishing Lures can be purchased on their website, or message them on Facebook and Twitter.


Isokpoga-10-3About Grant

Grant is the Founder of  While he primarily fishes for large mouth and small mouth bass, he’s passionate about sport fishing in general.  Learning about new tactics, gear, species and conditions is all part of what makes the sport challenging and enjoyable. Grant also loves to travel, particularly to prime fishing destinations. Grant participates in regional tournaments and is a proud member of Gambler’s Am Pro Staff, Canadian Bass Anglers Federation and Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters.

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