Interview with Tackle Grab Founder, Stash Karandanis

Interview with Tackle Grab Founder, Stash Karandanis

Interview with Tackle Grab Founder, Stash Karandanis

by January 30, 2013



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I’m sure many of you, like me, have seen lots of ads and online buzz about membership or subscription-like tackle programs.  The prospect of getting home, after a long day of work, and finding a box of tackle in my door once a month is VERY appealing.  As a bass angler, I’m always looking to try something new.  It’s exciting to think about all the innovative products out there that are not already in my arsenal. Despite this, I have been skeptical about whether or not the baits I would receive would be items I would actually use.  After some investigation, Tackle Grab stood out to me from the rest.  I reached out to Stash Karandanis, Founder and President of Tackle Grab, to find out more.Tackle Grab


How does Tackle Grab work?

“It’s pretty simple, prospective and existing members choose from four membership options (month-to-month, 3-month, 6-month or 12-months, with 12 months offering the best bang for your buck). Members then fill out our Angler Profile which collects personalized fishing data which Tackle Grab then uses to create a custom profile to guide us in selecting lures and baits that best fits a member’s fishing needs; Tackle Grab then ships out a box full of baits each month that match each particular member’s Angler Profile.  Angler Profiles can be changed at any time, so members can receive different baits whenever they choose.  In addition to the monthly boxes, members receive Tackle Grab Points which can be used in our online Store to discount tackle products they love for up to 40% off.”

What makes Tackle Grab different than other monthly tackle clubs?

“Three key aspects elevate Tackle Grab above the rest:

Our Angler Profile – We use the Profile to create an accurate picture or what each angler likes to fish for, where he/she fishes and how he/she fishes.  This allows us to customize lures/baits selections for each member to make sure that a topwater Northern Pike fisherman from Minnesota is not receiving drop-shot baits best used for southern Largemouth Bass.

We offer tackle for all types of species fishing.  We love and celebrate Bass fishing, but we appreciate that many people like to catch other types of fish.  Whatever you fish for, Tackle Grab will have you covered.

Tackle Grab only deals with the latest tackle from the best brands on the market.  We are not a clearing house for tackle that didn’t sell or work somewhere else.  Additionally, we work with a variety of brands from well-known companies like Yo-Zuri to up-and-comers like Evovle Baits to small, but great brands like Boag Hog Baits.

We want to offer our members great proven brands, but also expose them to some incredible unknowns as well.”

Tackle Grab

BJ Hassseotes – Tackle Grab Board member & BASS Elite Angler with a 10-lb largemouth


 “Tackle Grab caters to fisherman of all levels (novice to intermediate to pro/expert) and they all can benefit from joining Tackle Grab.  Novice and Intermediate fishermen can and will find a wealth of fishing information in our Tips section on our website.  Pros/Experts will benefit from being able to test out new lures/baits each month without having to pay full retail prices.  If they find a new go-to favorite, they can then buy more (and discount via Tackle Grab Points) at our Store.” 

Can you give some examples of some major brands an angler might find in their TackleGrab box?  What must-have products might be found from lesser-known brands?

 “Major Brands that Tackle Grab is currently working with would include: Yo-Zuri, Evolve Baits, AR Lures, Kahara, Gambler and Optimum Baits.  There are dozens of great small brands out there producing incredible products, but if we had to select a few items they would be:

AR – Pencil & Crank 35 / Evolve Micro Grubs / Warrior – quiver bugs / Boag Hog lead free jigs …. All of them! & Secret Lures  MVP Swim Jig”

Tackle Grab

Stash Karandanis, President and Founder of Tackle Grab

What inspired you to start TackleGrab?  Are you an angler?  What would your TackleGrab profile look like?

 “I was inspired to start Tackle Grab primarily because I have been a lifelong fisherman.  I started fishing with my Uncle in the Carolinas when I was 4 years old, became a fanatic and have been fishing ever since.  The motivation and vision behind Tackle Grab came with the rise of subscription box retailing over the past couple of years.  A few companies started shipping cosmetics, dog treats and other lightweight items and I thought, “Why can’t I do this with fishing tackle?”  As far as my profile, I live on Cape Cod which has great in-shore saltwater fishing and has some great freshwater ponds as well.  I like to try a bunch of techniques, so my profile would be a bit of mess, but I would probably just change it regularly for whatever fishing I’m doing at that time of the year.”

Tackle Grab

Stash Karandanis with a 40-lb striper

Can a Tackle Grab membership be purchased for someone as a gift?   How does that work?  

“Most definitely!  That was one of our main intentions in starting Tackle Grab.  We think that a love of fishing should be shared with others and what better way to do that than to send people some great tackle on a monthly basis?  The gift process is pretty similar to the regular membership registration.  Someone buying a gift membership, chooses the length of the membership (monthly, 3, 6 or 12 month), they then enter the giftee’s email address so we can send them an email notifying them that they’ve received Tackle Grab as a gift and to create their Angler Profile.  From that point on, we simply ship the monthly boxes to the giftee that match the his/her unique fishing profile.  Tackle Grab as a gift also comes in handy if you’re not a fisherman and you don’t know what to get that angler in your life…we pick the right baits for you, problem solved! “

For someone who might be unsure about joining, is there an option for a trial membership?

“The month-to-month membership is essentially our trial membership option as it allows those members to cancel the service at any time.  If they enjoy the service, they can upgrade to a longer membership plan and take advantage of discounts.”

I learned a lot from the interview and I will be trying out a 1-year membership with Tackle Grab.  What eased my skepticism was the custom angler profile – this way I can adjust my profile to my seasonal fishing habits.  For example, I can gear my profile to include pike earlier in the year and then adjust it to focus on bass afterwards.  The points system is also a definite plus! I will be posting more information on my Tackle Grab profile set-up process, and my monthly shipments – Stay Tuned!

For more information on Tackle Grab, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages, and their website.

Tackle Grab

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