Jerkbait Storage Tips

Jerkbait Storage Tips

Jerkbait Storage Tips

by January 4, 2013


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As most anglers can attest to, organization is key to being able to switch baits quickly on the water. I have a great tip that I picked up a few years back and want to share it with you. I have a lot of jerkbaits and for many years I was using the separators that come with Planos to separate them so the trebles wouldn’t tangle. Eventually I ended up with 5-6 Planos of just jerkbaits. This was too much to carry and made finding a specific bait I wanted to use a nightmare.

I use elastic bands to tie down the trebles so the baits are manageable  As the picture shows, I just fill my Plano up with the baits and now I can easily sift through my baits to look for the one I want. This idea works great and has several benefits. It helps protect the finish on your baits by minimizing scuffing, it also helps protect you from getting hooked and also allows you to save space by maximizing your storage.jerkbaits - organizing and storage

This idea is very simple to implement. I simply just purchased a small bag of elastic bands at a dollar store. I keep the bag with my fishing equipment so that I’m never short of elastic bands.jerkbaits - organizing and storage

Just remember to return the elastic when you are done with your bait. This takes a second with some practice and the time you invest will pay off with dividends!

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