JVC Everio Camcorder, Product Review

JVC Everio Camcorder, Product Review

JVC Everio Camcorder, Product Review

by December 23, 2014


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Our team is super-excited to bring you this unbiased and unfiltered review! For us, it’s critical to have reliable equipment when we are out on the water, or filming at angling events. We just don’t have the option to go back and re-do shots, so it has to be done right the first time.

We are currently using a variety of camera brands for different applications. For waterproof applications, we have a couple of GoPros which we’re generally happy with.  The GoPros have some limitations though; including the battery life, muffled sound with the waterproof casing, and they don’t have the convenience of a built-in LCD screen so you can see what you are filming.  For this reason, we often find ourselves using more traditional camcorders on the water. We’ve lost some of this gear in the process because of exposure to the elements, including a couple expensive items being tossed overboard by accident in the excitement of catching a potential monster.JVC Everio Product Review

The release of the JVC Everio really peaked our interest. Because the weather doesn’t stop us from fishing, the Everio’s Quad Proof claims instantly became a plus. We were even more pleased to learn that the camcorder was naturally buoyant, so we wouldn’t be adding to the collection of sunken equipment at the bottom of our favorite

We evaluated the Everio camcorder based on durability and suitability for outdoor recreation applications, features, battery life, price and overall value.

Durability and Suitability for Outdoor Recreation Applications

The most important to us of all the Everio’s features was the “Quad Proof” claim; waterproof, dust-proof, shock-proof and freeze-proof. This basically means you can take the Everio anywhere and not be afraid of the elements; allowing you to focus on enjoying your outdoor activity.

JVC Everio “Quad Proof” Specifications
  • Waterproof: Equivalent to IEC Standard publication 529 IPX8 (30 minutes at depths up to 5m/16.4ft)
  • Dustproof: Equivalent to IEC Standard publication 529/IP5X
  • Shockproof: 2014 Everio clears company testing compliant with “MIL-STD-810F Method 516.5 Shock: dropping onto plywood
    3cm/1-3/16″ thick from a height of 1.5m/4.9ft”
  • Freezeproof: Allowable operating temperatures: -10ºC/14ºF to 40ºC/104ºF

Everio Dustproof - JVC Everio Product Review Everio Freezeproof - JVC Everio Product Review Everio Shockproof - JVC Everio Product Review Everio waterproof - JVC Everio Product Review

JVC Everio’s Other Features

It Floats! The camera is naturally buoyant, so that if it happens to fall overboard, it can easily be retrieved. The built-in microphone is pretty good, and didn’t seem to be too badly effected by wind noise. There are three special effects built into the menu; “Grainy Monochrome”, “Baby” and “Food”. The camera also has an anti-shake feature; however this feature doesn’t appear to be as effective as on other cameras that we’ve used. The demo video below demonstrates some of these features, and well as the standard shooting mode:


JVC Everio Battery Life

Battery life has long been a drawback of the traditional camcorder. For most applications, 1-2 hours of battery life just won’t do. It’s one of the drawbacks of trying to film with the GoPro cameras as well. The 1.5 hour battery life is extremely limiting and distracting when you are trying to catch uncooperative fish. Most times I just can’t be bothered to change those pesky little batteries. There are hard-wiring work-around options, but that involves compromising the waterproof case.

In contrast, the JVC Everio boasts a 4.5-hour battery life. Note that this battery life is CONTINUOUS RECORDING, not standby. Now that’s impressive! We took out the camera on several occasions for 12 to 14-hour fishing days where we used the camcorder on/off throughout each day, as we normally would. We didn’t fully drain the battery on any of these occasions, though we did come close.  The JVC fully met our requirements in this area.

In emergency situations where you need a little more juice, just connect a portable battery (commercially available smartphone accessory) and keep on shooting. Or you can Quick Charge via micro USB terminal to extend recording time as well.


JVC Everio Price

The JVC Everio is priced competitively compared to non-waterproof camcorders with similar features. At $399, the base model GX-R10B has most of the same features as the higher model with 100% of the memory based on a removeable SD card of your choice.. An upgrade to the GZ-R30B provides an additional 8GB of on-board storage, $449. The GZ-R70B is $499 and includes 32GB of on-board memory. We feel that the base model is the best value for most applications. If you need more memory storage,  you can opt to invest in a larger-capacity SD card. The Everio model comparison chart can be found here.

Overall Value

We were very impressed with the camcorder overall and feel that it offers outdoor enthusiasts very practical features. If we could wish for some more features on the next-generation of Everio models, they would include improved stabilization and an improved microphone or the ability to add-on an exterior mic without compromising the waterproof features. Given that all our camcorders to-date have died from water-damage or being tossed overboard, we expect this one to have a very long life making the investment excellent value to the average angler.

For more information and full specifications for the JVC Everio line-up of camera’s, take a look at the Everio website.

Review Summary

Details about this item
Construction/ Quality
5out of 5
5out of 5
Video Features
4out of 5
Video Quality
4.5out of 5
3out of 5
4out of 5

The Everio is a great all around camcorder for anyone who wants to spend some time outside and capture memories. Although we used this camera for fishing, it has uses that extend far beyond that. Its quadproof features get the Everio high scores for construction while its pricepoint is extremely competitive. Where the camera looses a bit of ground is in the picture stabilization & memory areas. Nonetheless, this is a tough camcorder that can go anywhere with you!


4.25 out of 5

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