King Reaper Product Review

King Reaper Product Review

King Reaper Product Review

by November 29, 2012

The King Reaper by Bass Grubb is a new and exciting soft plastic that blends a traditional bait together with a modernized Bass feeding menu. Bass Grubb can customize the color combination to the water type your fishing. I have only used the clear tail with the Tarheel blue worm body fill this season, but I plan on using many other combinations in the spring.


The King Reaper can be fished in many different ways just as all other soft plastic lures. I personally like the way the bait swims and stops with a Texas rig approach. The flat, leach like tail gives great action to the bait when swimming it in. However,  bites usually come when you stop it as bait stands up beautifully with the flat tail getting the Bass’ attention.


Just the fact that it blends two normal meals for bass (leeches and worms) makes the fish seem really comfortable in biting down and swallowing this bait. King Reapers also come pre-packaged in a garlic based scent that the bass can’t ignore. For me, this bait can replace a lot of the basic soft body plastic baits I carry now, and less bait combined with more fish is always a good thing in our sport.


In closing I feel that the King Reapers keep the fish guessing. If we can all keep doing that your sure to bring more bass in the boat. Just cast one near some grass or logs and see if you can have the same success I have. Tight Lines.





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  1. John
    #1 John 8 December, 2012, 01:56

    The king reaper is bigger than that bass.

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    • Adam Lebeau
      Adam Lebeau 8 December, 2012, 10:33

      Haha yeah shes definitely not a keeper just one of the clearer pictures I had showing the bait.

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