LakeMaster AutoCharts is all about YOU!

LakeMaster AutoCharts is all about YOU!

LakeMaster AutoCharts is all about YOU!

by May 13, 2014


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June 15, 2014

LakeMaster has just released a new product that allows you to create your own personal mapping. The great part of the product is you collect the data AND you own the data. It’s not shared to any other anglers unless you choose to do so. The neatest part of this product is the ability to record sonar recordings on your Humminbird Electronics to an SD Card while you are fishing or on the lake. Then as soon as you can get to a computer with the AutoCharts PC Program loaded on it; upload the data to the software and as fast as the processor in your computer can convert the sonar recordings, it will return custom maps based on the data you collected. Export it to the LakeMaster Zero Line SD Card and insert in your unit and you’re ready to start using the Custom Maps. No uploading to a cloud on the web or sharing with every other angler in the world. You did the work collecting data, you own the data and you get to use the custom maps. See, LakeMaster was thinking all about YOU.

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But there is more. You can share the data to anyone with a LakeMaster Zero Line Card by exporting the file to their card. This is a feature that allows fishing buddies to create personal maps or groups of fishermen. For example,  a group of guides can collect data, bring the data back, process it and be back on the water with custom maps in the matter of minutes. Say you head to one of the remote outposts in Canada with a group of buddies for a fishing vacation. If all the boats are equipped with Humminbird units capable of recording sonar you can collect the day’s data. When everyone returns to camp, the data from all the anglers can be uploaded to LakeMaster AutoCharts PC Program on one of the fisherman’s laptop, processed and then exported and everyone in your party will have custom mapping for the next outing. Spend 4 or 5 days on the water and look at the amount of data a group can collect. And next year when you return you already have a custom map of your favorite fishing vacation lake or lakes.

lakemaster mapping

Example of Mapping Created with LakeMaster AutoChart Program

I spoke with a group of guides at a Coastal Marsh in South Louisiana, where annually, the structure changes based on storms and current flows through this wonder of nature. The guides can each go their different directions but each can collect recordings and they can create mapping as the bottom changes from day-to-day or year-to-year. Guides spend many days on the water finding the best locations for their clients to have a successful trip. They look for remote locations that they don’t have to share with every other fisherman. That is one thing AutoCharts excites them is the data they collect is private with only those they wish to share with. Which provides them a piece of mind that the new areas they find are not going to be shared publicly of theses places, they try to make a living from.


Competitive anglers see great benefits to having personal mapping. It’s a complimentary product to the current LakeMaster SD Card Digital Maps. There is no mapping company that could ever scan every inch of every lake. With AutoChart you find a great ledge, hump or point on your LakeMaster Digital Mapping Card; if you want to increase the details of the maps, it does not require a lot of time. In 15-30 minutes of recording sonar in a variety of directions, think about the level of detail you can create for each of these areas. Now you can use your regular mapping card to get you there and use the AutoCharts Custom Maps to fish these special areas. Knowing where each little depression, point, hump, rock piles etc., are on that special spot will allow you to line up the boat to be more effective in fishing these special areas. The best part is no other angler will have that data unless you share it or they invest the time and find that same area. Also, I love fishing remote areas way back up the creeks and “Off the Map”. These area are often uncharted areas for fishermen as they take risks getting to them and getting back out. They can be special, special places when you find them. You invest the time to find them and you can quickly create mapping of these special areas with AutoCharts. This will help you get back into these special places and have data to make fishing decisions with.

The most obvious reason is your favorite fisheries have not been mapped by LakeMaster or another mapping company. You can use Humminbird sonar recordings to create maps of your fishery. You can start with a wide scan pattern to get basic map details and continue to increase details where you need them the most. This is a great option for those that fish small lakes and ponds that would not be feasible to add to current mapping products due to expenses to send in a survey crew. Plus those that fish private lakes can now record their private fisheries and create custom maps for these special places; that mapping would never be available.

lakemaster autochart

LakeMaster AutoChart PC Software

LakeMaster AutoCharts not only provides Custom Mapping but incorporates the LakeMaster Exclusive Features into the mapping as well. Water Level Offset, Shallow Water Highlight, Depth & Range Highlight, Depth Shading and for those using Minn Kota iPilot Link it incorporates the Follow the Contour Feature in your custom AutoChart Maps.

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