New Tatula Rod and Reel Line from Daiwa Launched at ICAST 2013

New Tatula Rod and Reel Line from Daiwa Launched at ICAST 2013

New Tatula Rod and Reel Line from Daiwa Launched at ICAST 2013

by August 6, 2013


Daiwa’s New Tatula Reel – Product Review

Well folks, we FINALLY got our hands on the new

November 14, 2013

Recently, Daiwa Corporation released their new line of baitcasting reels and rods at ICAST 2013. The Tatula series is a promise to bring affordability and engineering together. These new reels are boasting some solid features from Daiwa and we’re going to give you an overview of the information that Daiwa has released thus far. When reading this article, keep in mind that only the likes of Randy Howell, Ish Monroe and a select few have had the privilege to fish these new reels. The rest of us just got to drool over them…



These reels are so new they are slated for release in winter 2013 and there are a precious few demo reels available. The crew has been working hard to get our hands on one of these reels to give you an unbiased, no expectation review. When that happens, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, we’d like to share what we know about these reels with you.tatula_grip_casting-520

The new Tatula reels are engineered to offer the durability and performance required for professional-level fishing.  Precision of the reel is quickly felt with a simple spin of the handle; super smooth and vibration free. It’s what Daiwa calls Air Rotation.  It’s what happens when you take Japanese precision gear design and house it in a rock-solid one-piece aluminum frame.

For all-out casting performance, Tatula’s levelwind is unlike anything you’ve seen before, a hybrid design with the durability of a standard levelwind; and the casting performance of Daiwa’s T-Wing casting aperture.  Punch the clutch and again there’s that unmistakable crisp feel of precision as the rotating guide toggles into place.  Make a cast and the smooth, easy outflow of line lets you feel the difference right away.


TATULA not only offers many of Daiwa’s most advanced features; they also represent an exceptional value with ultra-fine tuned Type-R models retailing for $199.95 while standard models retail for just $149.95.

All Tatula Reels Feature:

  • New T-Wing System
  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum frame and side plate(gear side)
  • Air Rotation
  • UT Drag (MAX 13.2 lb)
  • Magforce-Z cast control
  • 5.4 : 1, 6.3 : 1& 7.3 : 1 gear ratios
  • 7 ball bearings plus roller bearing
  • Infinite Anti-reverse
  • Corrosion resistant clutch mechanism

TATULA Type-R Special Features

  • Super lightweight A7075 aluminum spool
  • Hyper Speed 8.1 or all-around 6.3 : 1 gear ratios
  • 7 ball bearings (incl. 2 CRBB) plus roller bearing
  • Zaion® swept star drag
  • Large, 90mm swept power handle with cutouts for reduced weight
  • New I-Shape handle knob


Got you to raise an eyebrow? Well that’s what we did when we got to hold and play with these reels at ICAST 2013 in Las Vegas. I immediately told the guys at Daiwa that we didn’t want to do an on the water review, we NEEDED to do one for our readers! We’re still working on getting our hands on one of these reels for field testing. When we do, we’ll absolutely pound the crap out of it and see if the Tatula can handle some hard core fishing.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: We’ve now had the opportunity to test the reel on the water. See the full detailed review ->here.

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