NuTech Jigs – Product Review

NuTech Jigs – Product Review

NuTech Jigs – Product Review

by September 19, 2014


Fishing With The Perfect Jig

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February 2, 2015

Jigs are a great way to catch bass. Pitching jigs are just one variety of jig that an angler can call on to catch bass hold up in heavy grass, under docks or other hard to reach spots. This review focuses on NuTech’s Nujig, a flipping/ pitching jig that has some unique design features.

For starters, NuTech is based in Cassville, Missouri and all their jigs are made in the U.S.A! That means a lot to me as I put a lot of stock in North American made products. It says a lot about quality and product accessibility. If something is made in the USA, I know that I can find it easily and that if I can’t find it at my local tackle shop, I can phone them and get it shipped to me at a reasonable cost.Neutech newjig-header

Let me start by saying that I’m not sponsored or paid by NuTech in any way. I fish with equipment/ tackle that I think catches fish and I use a ton of different brands when I’m out on the water. I am loyal to whatever brand the fish happen to be biting that day. This review is unbiased, unfiltered and the NuTech jigs were tested on the water in real use situations.

NuTech Jig – First Impressions

I tested the 3/8-oz NuJig Pro Series in Watermelon red as well as the 1/2-oz Blitz football jig in Copper Craw.

Nutech jigs for testing

Top: NuTech Nujig in Watermelon Red with a zoom chunk. Bottom: NuTech Blitz jig in Copper Craw. Both are ready to hit the water and catch some bass!

The first thing I noticed when opening the packaging of both jigs was the rubber weedguard and head shape. Both the Nujig and Blitz jig have  unique heads with angles unlike most other jigs. These angles add properties to the jig as it falls. To get an explanation of this check out this cool video from NuTech; I think Bo James explained it best:


Nujig in Red WatermelonNuTech jigs are designed without “catching the angler”. They are designed purely to increase hookups and its weedless properties. There is no emphasis on making the jig look like a fish or painting eyes or special finishes that look good to the angler. This is very apparent as the NuTech jigs were simple and straightforward with no unneeded extras.

NuTech also boasts some very interesting characteristics such as always being self-righting and also being virtually snagless. The video below shows some great tests that the guys from NuTech conducted on their jigs. I was curious and tried a few of these tests on some jigs that I own and you know what? NuTech jigs really are better without skirts or any trailers on the end. When the jigs were naked they performed EXACTLY as shown on YouTube.

When I conducted the drop test fully dressed, the NuTech jig landed on its side about 50% of the time. That’s still better than a regular jig that will land on its side almost 100% of the time. I would challenge the NuTech guys to run the same tests they showed in their videos with jigs that have skirts and trailers on them, as most anglers would in a real life situation…

I was intrigued by the design of the NuTech weedguard and it definitely seems to be more effective when you consider where we pitch these jigs sometimes. But the question in my mind was, “Will the weedguard design have negative effects on the fish catching capabilities of this jig?” Will a fish feel it and reject it?

NuTech Jig Construction

When inspecting the hook quality I would have liked a stouter hook. I am not sure of the brand used and it is not listed on their website. I did have had a lot of hooks open. I really like the heavy cover versions that are out on the market, specifically the Hack Attack jigs from Strike King and wish NuJig had a version like that!

NuTech-BlitzNakJigs-profile shot

I found that the skirts were on par with other jigs that I use. I tie many of my jig’s skirts with braid to prevent the skirt from slipping and loosing its strands. Having a tied skirt with wire would make the NuJig bulletproof!

  • Some other  points I noticed on construction:
  • Closed line tie – :)
  • High quality paint finish – :)
  • Stout rubber weedguard didn’t fall out at all during use and showed no sign of fatigue
  • Molded in baitkeeper barb
  • The skirt band has loops for adding rattles
  • I trimmed the skirts just a bit so they didn’t interfere with the trailer’s action; I like a manufacturer that gives you the option to do this :)

NuTech Jig – On The Water Testing

Smallie nutechI used the watermelon red NuJig with a green pumpkin pitching chunk as pictured and threw that sucker everywhere! It took some getting used to when pulling the jig over hard cover such as branches and stumps. To the first time user, the jig seems to be snagged, but if you give it a slight jiggle it comes free easily; it takes a little time to learn the feel of the jig.

Hooksets with the Nujig were solid and I didn’t see the hook bend open when I examined the hook afterwards. I don’t know how, but I didn’t hook 100% of my fish on the top of the mouth like NuJig claims. Some fish did get hooked slightly on the side, but they were landed anyway, so it didn’t really bother me. This may have been because the NuJig doesn’t land upright 100 of the time with a skirt and chunk added. The fish that got the hook in the roof of the mouth were hooked deeply and were never going to shake free. That is a good sign, especially when you consider NuTech’s claims about hooking percentage.

The NuJig design proved to be virtually snagless and aside from catching on some Hydrilla due to the horizontal line tie and head design, it performed exactly as NuTech claimed in their videos. Pesky weeds were easily removed from the jig with a quick snap of the wrist.

I didn’t notice any fish rejecting the jig due to its design. In fact, I think that the weedguards pointing out like that gives the jig more profile and made it more attractive to bass. In one instance the bass seemed to chew on the jig before trying to swim away with it. I feel as though a crayfish would probably have a similar effect. Let’s also not forget the fact that a bass’ mouth is mostly hard cartilage and spiky things are in its day to day diet; so the rubber weedguard design is a good one in my mind.

Smallmouth bass

The smallmouth bass certainly didn’t seem to mind the stiff rubber weedguards pointing out of the NuTech jigs!


A skirted Nujig on the NuTech website is $4.39, or $3.99 if you shop on Monster Fishing Tackle or The Nujig is offered in 1/4-oz, 3/8-oz and 1/2-oz weights. These jigs are competitively priced and I will be buying the bladed jig version for personal use as well.

Overall I think that the Nujig is a better jig than the traditional ones we use. The no frills finishing and innovative angled design are going to make the jig perform better. The rubber weedguard design seems better and tests performed show it actually works. As I mentioned earlier, bass didn’t seem to mind that there was stuff sticking out of its prey and seemed more intent on eating the jig once they discovered the weedguards.

Is the Nujig 100% self righting and 100% snagless? Absolutly not! Those two problems will always exist. However, NuTech has managed to mitigate them through innovative design to some degree, allowing the angler to fish with a little less headaches. I do wish that the NuTech jigs had a stouter hook but you can’t always get everything you want…

Tight lines!

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