Paudash Lake – October 2012

Paudash Lake – October 2012

Paudash Lake – October 2012

by October 23, 2012


Lake Vernon, Ontario – May 2012

Species Target:Northern Pike Fishing Conditions: temperature – 28C (84F) precipitation

May 20, 2012

Species Target: Largemouth Bass

Fishing Conditions:

  • temperature 16 C/61F
  • precipitation 0mm
  • wind 11km – 17km/hr gusts up to 20km/hr
  • mix of sun and cloud with scattered showers and overcast moving in the afternoon
  • water temperature AM 49.7F , PM 52F

Paudash Lake – Location Description:

Paudash Lake is in south central Ontario southwest of Bancroft along Hwy. 28. The lake is located in the Municipality of Highlands East inHaliburton County just north of Silent Lake Provincial Park, and is 27 km (17 mi) south of the panhandle of Algonquin Provincial Park. It is about two and a quarter hours’ drive northeast from Canada’s largest city, Toronto. (Source: Wikipedia)

Located in Herschel, this lake is 2226 hectares and part of a three lake chain with Benoir and Elephant Lakes. It offers some 36 miles of boating. The maximum depth is about 32 meters. Fish species include Lake Trout, Muskellunge, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass and Walleye. (Source:

I was targeting large mouth bass on this day and it was late fall. My fishing partner and I took his boat for this trip. We decided that because the temperature overnight was dropping to -2C overnight the water would definitely have pushed the fish into deeper water. We felt that we really needed some sun to heat the water and make the bass active. If this didn’t happen we felt they would be too lethargic to chase baits. We also knew that we needed to find deeper weed beds.

We had been fishing on Paudash the previous day and it had been overcast all day/ 10c, this made for dreary, cold fishing and the bass were definitely moving towards their wintering areas.

On this day we planned to fish weed flats that were still green. Bass were found concentrating in 10-13 feet of water. Swimming jigs (KVD swimming jigs to be exact) just above the weeds seemed to be the ticket this day with a steady retrieve. We fished fairly fast and used 6.4:1 speed reels. Also key was the wind as it seemed to excited the fish. We found some good looking weeds that were not as wind blown and had some bites, however the bass in the calmer waters seemed less frenzied.


We noted that some of the bass were definitely feeding as they were almost football shaped, while others were long and thin with large heads. Great numbers were caught with double digits coming out of a single weed bed. Sometimes we would catch a fish on the first cast after having arrived on the spot.







Fishing Day Summary:

We definitely caught good numbers, but fishing in the fall is a great chance to catch a monster! We knew that Paudash has big fish potential as well and were a little disappointed to not have gotten anything over 3 lbs on this day. The constant action definitely made this adventure exciting and my fishing partner and I really learnt a few things about fall fishing. I don’t particularly like the cold and this was a test of my resolve, but i think that it was well worth the experience!

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