Practice, Almost Makes Perfect

Practice, Almost Makes Perfect

Practice, Almost Makes Perfect

by January 15, 2013

Imagine this scenario: You’re out in the boat on your favorite lake.  The conditions could not be more perfect to land the bass of a lifetime! You’re in your best honey hole and you know there’s a lunker just under an overhanging tree. You rear back and give it your best underhand flip and sure enough…Yup! Stuck in a tree!


We have all been there and will be back there again, but with consistent practice we can learn ways to avoid snags and hook up with more bass! Regular practice can easily be the difference in winning or losing that next tournament of yours!


One of my favorite practice activities can be set up with just a few items from your garage. Here is what you’ll need:

  1. 1 coffee can or small container
  2. 1 standing platform. (This can be simple as a 5 gallon bucket to stand on, or the edge of your back patio deck.)
  3. 1 casting rod and reel
  4. 1 old jig w/ the hook dug into a plastic bait.


Instructions: Walk out into your yard and set the coffee can or container up about 20 yards out from where you will be standing. Grab your rod and stand on your casting platform (bucket or deck). Try flipping your bait into the container. Try and get as close as you can and ultimately be able to nail the can every time you flip. Make a game out of it! Try keeping score for yourself, I like to tell myself that if I can make it into the can consistently 10 times in a row than I can move the can to a different location. Then once I’ve flipped successfully into the can 10 times in the new location I’ll move on to another.


This practice technique can also be used to help you with mastering your sidearm and backhand casting as well. Just use the same set up, simply cast at your target instead of flipping.


A lot of anglers are restricted to on the water practice and do not give a lot of thought to off the water practice. There are endless activities you can do around the house that will drive your performance to the next level.  Be creative and come up with innovative ways to practice and master your favorite fishing style.  Give this a try next time you’re bored at home with fishing on the brain and I guarantee you will feel more confident the next time you get out on the water.

– “Live to shred”

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