Rainbow Trout in Southern Ontario Rivers – May 2013

Rainbow Trout in Southern Ontario Rivers – May 2013

Rainbow Trout in Southern Ontario Rivers – May 2013

by June 1, 2013


Species Target: Rainbow Trout



  • Temperature – 14 C / 57F
  • Precipitation 0mm
  • Wind 11km – 14km/hr / 9mph
  • Sun/clouds – Slight overcast in early AM, sun came out as day progressed
  • Water temperature – Unknown



We came in search of lunkers but we were pleasantly surprised to find these guys from 5-13″ in numbers that every fisherman dreams of. We saw some big ones here and there but no takes. The killer combination of realistic looking flies and lots of hungry trout made for an amazing day.


We started off the day with worms, and small Blue Fox spinners. The worms were getting no attention at all but the Blue Fox got a strong hit early on while fishing a large holding pond for Trout. After no action from the worms I switched up to fly fishing. I was using a 7/8-oz. weight Martin Fly Rod with a small Hendrickson Fly from Bass Pro Shops. After that we moved to the river and my partner switching to drifting a fly on a 10-ft float rod. He was using a home tied fly. For line I was using 12-lb Seaguar flourocarbon attached to Orange colored floating Fly line by Martin Classic Fly Tackle. My partner was using an 8-lb Berkeley Vanish leader attached to 30-lb Spiderline braid. We waded in the water with Canadian Tire chest waders. Our technique was drift the fly in the current and slowly retrieve the fly back. We were fishing the flies under the water, on the surface, under trees, in current rips, deep and shallow pools and behind cover like rocks and branches. The fish really seemed to like the natural colors like black and brown and we got very few hits on brighter more unnatural colors.


These fish were about one year old, and some say that they were stocked fish that will return in 3-5 years as the steelhead we were originally after.



Fishing Day Summary:

Day 1
Weather: Warm, no wind
Place: River
Depth: 1-3 feet


Me and my cousin had been talking about trout and salmon and he had told me that he was still in search of his first trout after his many failed attempts during the spawn run. We set a date and planned to fish a few rivers in hopes of getting him his first trout. The run was practically over leaving only about a 10% chance (if that) of finding a trout, but I wasn’t gonna let him down. The day had come and he picked me up at 6:30 am and we set out to the first spot. We fished a pond that the river flowed into, first hoping that some trout would still be there. My cousin was fishing a small Blue Fox Spinner and I was fishing a Hendrickson Fly. We had seen many jumps from carp and yes even Trout but no action on our lines. After a little time passed, I noticed some jumping close to shore and saw this as the perfect opportunity to get the day started. I casted my fly 1 foot ahead of the spot and stripped it right into place, I sit it for about 5 seconds then, BAM, I got a hit; but I was unsuccessful at setting the hook and lost the fish. We continued fishing the spot knowing that there was a decent opportunity of hooking up and about 5 minutes later my cousin got a strong hit on his spinner but the hook didn’t set. The fishing slowed from there and we decided to pack up. We had originally planned on not fishing the river that connected to this pond as there were other spots that we thought would have better chances of getting fish, but we decided to check it out for a bit just in case.


We got to the river portion and immediately saw tons of smaller fish jumping out of the water to grab a hold of the mornings hatch. My cousin decided to switch to the fly also, as it was obvious that they were feeding on them. After setting up it was not long before we hooked up with our first fish of the day. My cousin’s very first trout!


We continued fishing catching fish on almost every cast.


My cousin had caught a few but I was yet to get my first. After a few drifts of the fly I saw a splash, set the hook, and the fish flew out of the water. It was my first fish of the day!


The fishing started to slow down at this section so we decided that after one more fish we would move downstream. And that last fish was caught pretty quickly.


We moved to the new spot, a shallow area where we could stand and a deeper drop off that looked like a great holding area for fish. We started off and instantly got action.


We were keeping track of how many fish we caught to see how many we could get by the end of the day.


We moved around the river for a few more hours and had totaled up 46 trout and 3 common shiners for the first day. We had originally planned on hitting about 3-5 more rivers but we decided not to since the fishing was so good there.


Day 2.
Weather: A bit chilly, no wind, light showers early in the day.
Place: River.
Depth: 1-3 feet.


Me and my cousin decided to go for a round two since the fishing was so good the day before. He picked me up at 6:30 am and we set off for the river. We started off at our first spot the previous day and decided to work the river in the same fashion as the day before and that plan worked perfectly.


After a few fish from our original spot we moved downstream to our most productive hole and it did not disappoint.


The day continued in the same fashion as the previous day but with better numbers.


We finished off the day with a total of 63 trout 5 common shiners and 1 creek chub.


It was one of the best fishing experiences I’ve ever had and I was able to get my cousin his first trout…. and then some. We totaled 109 trout, 8 common shiners, and 1 creek chub, for a total of 118 fish in two days. A truly unforgettable experience!

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