Recessed Trolling Motor Install – How To

Recessed Trolling Motor Install – How To

Recessed Trolling Motor Install – How To

by July 7, 2013

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My bass boat is one of my  favorite places to be. Unfortunately after some long days on the water my back is toast!. Lately it has been getting worse. This year, I figured that I had better install a recessed trolling motor foot pedal if I want to fish.  If you don’t have a recessed trolling motor you may be feeling the same thing as well. A recessed trolling motor foot pedal is what you need if you’ve ever had back pain after a long day of fishing.

I’m not sure of the science behind it, but from what I understand, having one foot constantly up and balancing all day does a number on your spine. A recessed trolling motor food pedal eases some of the stress on your back by allowing you to stand normally.

RecessedTrollingMotor-Header After a bit of research and checking online I came to a few conclusions on what I was looking for:

  • I wanted something that looked factory-made; there’s a lot of cheap looking recessed foot pedal plates online that just won’t do
  • It has to be well built and not break or flex
  • It has to be rustproof as its surely going to be exposed to the elements
  • It has to be universal in case I want to change the trolling motor

I found several recessed trolling motor plates on Ebay however most were unsatisfactory or looked questionable. I did find one that looked good eventually and chose to purchase it.


The two videos outline the work I completed to install this feature on my boat. The first video outlines carpeting your tray while the second one outlines the actual installation. Keep in mind that you don’t have to carpet you tray if you choose not to. It’s a personal preference, but I think it looks sharper. My carpet was ordered from


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