Rigging Soft Body Frogs – How To

Rigging Soft Body Frogs – How To

Rigging Soft Body Frogs – How To

by August 26, 2013



After stumbling across that old pack of Gambler Lures worms

September 17, 2013

Okay, so we’re deep into summer and frogs are in fashion. Bass are absolutely destroying these baits as they pop, skitter and run along the surface. For those of you who have never tried using soft body frogs, you are missing out!



I want to cover some rigging options for soft body frogs especially some of my go to options when I fish these baits.Gambler-CaneToad

1. Gambler Cane Toad

This compact toad is loaded with garlic scent and has some incredible top water action. I rig it with the double trouble toad hook from Gambler and it’s just amazing. With a good solid hookset fish can’t seem to throw this hook. It is a stout frog hook with a small keeper at the nose. For added casting distance there is lead added to the nose of the hook.


The Cane Toad has two distinct sides depending on what you are looking for. Rig it with its ribbed side down to increase resistance and splash, or rig it with the flat side down to increase its weedless properties while running over lily pads. The kicking paddle legs let out a ton of gurgle and bass can easily hone in on the splashing.


It’s an extremely weedless design, just be sure to bury the tip of the hooks.


2. Bass Pro Shops 4″ Humpin’ Toad

This bait is slightly thinner and longer than the Cane Toad. Because of its length, I rig it with a Stanley Double Take 4/0 hook. Again, the two hooks are a deadly combination on this frog and if you set the hook properly you won’t loose your fish. Its casting distance is shorter than the Cane Toad because there is no additional weight added to the hook.


You can get a Stanley Double Take weighted hook, but currently it is only available in 1/8-oz. The Stanley hooks are not very durable and when you set the hook be sure you have a fish on. I’ve bent several hooks open on stumps. Once the hook has been compromised, it is best to simply throw it out and get another one. These hooks don’t do well when bent back.

Overall my favorite soft body frog is the Gambler Lures Cane Toad.  I feel that the meatier body, leg movement and garlic scent give an advantage. If you see them in bulk packs on the Gambler Lures website, stock up because they won’t last long!

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