Shammy Shaker Ice Fishing Lure – Product Review

Shammy Shaker Ice Fishing Lure – Product Review

Shammy Shaker Ice Fishing Lure – Product Review

by February 10, 2014

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The Shammy Shaker is an ice fishing lure made by Shamrock Fishing Products. It is one of the best hard water lures I’ve ever used, and has produced some of my best days on the water. There are so many great things about this lure, and it has proven to be a quality lure to use in any situation. There are many factors that make this such a great lure; here is why the Shammy Shaker is my go-to lure for ice fishing…


The Shammy Shaker comes in a wide variety of colors patterns and designs. This allows you to always be able to accommodate to Nick with a nice Whitefishwhat the fish want, whether it’s a brighter or darker color, a striped or solid pattern, or a smooth or hex body design; Shamrock Fishing Products has you covered. All of their lures are hand made and painted so you can always expect a quality product. Also, you get to choose exactly what you want. Unlike other companies that give you a list of their products to choose from, Shamrock Fishing Products lets you customize your lure to your liking.


Another factor that makes this lure so great is its shape and size. The Shammy Shaker is a perfect size for many of the species available through the ice which makes it a great lure for many situations. The lure is killer on panfish like yellow perch, black crappie, and bluegill, and is also great on fish like herring and whitefish. Its shape mimics a small baitfish and it has a rippled edge that can imitate a baitfish with an injury or bite taken out of it.


The Shammy Shaker is also an extremely durable lure. It has stood up to countless fish and many bumps and bangs along the way and has still held true. I have not noticed any paint chipping or fading, and it still looks as good as it did when I first got it. The Shaker has also held its shape perfectly and I have not noticed any bending or deformation of any kind.

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Lastly, this is the quality most fishermen look at when purchasing a new lure, the ACTION! The Shammy Shaker is made with an amazing action that the fish can not resist. On the rise, the Shammy Shaker spins like an inline spinner would. This fast spinning action and vibration and sound in the water catches any fish’s eye and draws it in, imitating a dying or injured baitfish swimming up in a quick sporadic manner struggling to keep itself up and alive. Then on the fall, it cascades down like a falling leaf, imitating a dying baitfish falling to the bottom. A dying and struggling baitfish is irresistible to fish because it is at its most vulnerable stage and it makes for an easy meal for the predator. This is why the Shammy Shaker works so well, because it imitates just that.


All in all, the Shammy Shaker by Shamrock Fishing Products is an incredible hardwater lure that I would recommend to everyone. Shamrock Fishing Products is a proven producer of quality hand made baits and everyone should have at least one of their products in their tackle box.


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