Spring into Action for Bass with Fishidy

Spring into Action for Bass with Fishidy

Spring into Action for Bass with Fishidy

by June 16, 2013



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Here in the Midwest, spring has been slow to come. Now that heavy rains have freed up most lakes from ice, it’s time to get your gear ready. For bass fishermen across the country that means one thing, time to pursue bass in spawning grounds where legal. Fishermen should remember to take the best tool in their tackle box, Fishidy.

The answer to your questions of where to fish, what to use, and where to use it can all be found online with the interactive fishing maps and mobile app technology provided by Fishidy. There will be no guessing on the waterway you wish to choose. This will allow you as an angler to spend more time fishing and less time arguing about where to go and what to use.Fishidy-header

Fishidy’s unique capabilities are possible thanks to the collaboration of GPS mapping technology, real-time fishing data, and social sharing with fellow anglers. It is the only web-based platform to offer over 8,000 mapped waterways across the U.S., including the Great Lakes region and saltwater coastlines. The great thing about Fishidy is most of the features are available for free! However, if you’re serious about catching more fish more often, you’ll want to take advantage of Fishidy’s premium membership option which offers:

  • Hundreds of thousands of proven, marked fishing spots provided by Fishing Hot Spots®
  • Mapped, underwater fishing structures including weed beds, fish cribs and pilings
  • World-wide, real-time sea surface temperatures
  • Customizable, printable maps to take with you on the waterBrian-Jensen-Fishidy-image1

With Fishidy, you’ll gain an edge over your buddies and pinpoint exactly where early season bass are going to be. Fishidy’s online contour maps not only provide depth measurements, but a detailed look at what types of underwater structure may be holding fish. In the spring, you’ll want to identify feeder creeks, dense underwater structure, and shallow bays in close proximity to deep water. These are the locations where big bass will be staging for the spawn. Fishidy gives you the advantage to see where anglers have had success in the past and predict where those patterns will work on your body of water.


Now that it’s time to head to the water, this is where you can use what you’ve learned online to land a monster bass. During the spring months, the spawning instinct causes fish to move from deep to shallow water to spawn. When bass move shallow it makes them much easier to catch because anglers can present a lure more effectively in the strike zone in shallow water than in deep water. This fishing situation is what makes specific anglers able to catch big bass year after year. There is no secret, if you fish the shallows while bass are patrolling, you are going to catch that bass you have been dreaming to land. The more often you are able to get out and test your skills and knowledge, the greater your chances are of catching that fish you will remember for a lifetime.

Once you have landed that big bass, it is simple to store the location using Fishidy. By taking a picture of that catch with your smartphone, and logging its location with a click in the app, it will show up on your fishing maps for future reference. Anglers are able to note the tackle, fishing technique, time of day, year, weather, water temperature, and any other important factors involved. Then, be sure to check out the Braggin’ Board Fishing Contest.  Contestants are awarded prizes based on photos of their best catches each week, and each photo submitted enters you for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Lake Conroe, TX, and a day fishing with Mike Iaconelli. If you are using Fishidy this season, you’ll be spending less time searching and more time catching!


For a limited time, all Fishidy premium subscriptions are 50% off with code “AUTH50” Redeem here:http://goo.gl/uxib57

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    For a limited time, all Fishidy premium subscriptions are 50% off with code “AUTH50” Redeem here:http://goo.gl/uxib57

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