St. Croix Rod Mojo Bass – Florida Bassin’ Product Review

St. Croix Rod Mojo Bass – Florida Bassin’ Product Review

St. Croix Rod Mojo Bass – Florida Bassin’ Product Review

by March 14, 2013


I have been a dedicated St Croix Rod user for years; as a fervent disciple of the Legend Xtreme and Tournament series rods, I use them almost exclusively.  This having been said, when the Mojo Bass series of rods was introduced by St Croix in 2011, I was immediately eager to give these rods a go.


I was happy to find out that these Mojo Bass rods are priced reasonably ranging from $130-170 and at that price point they are definitely attainable for any angler looking for a high quality rod from a great manufacturer.


But I had to ask myself; Will these Mojo Bass rods hold up if tested down south on some bucketmouths? To answer this we took the Legend Tournament and Mojo Bass rods with us to Florida to fish for Bass.


We took the 7’6″ Pitchin’ rod (MBC76MHMF) and the 7’9″ Swimbait rod (MBC79HF). These two rods were coming with us to see if they could keep up with some early March bigguns in Florida and here’s what we found:

  • The Mojo Bass rods loaded up nicely on the hookset; I found that they were smooth and almost identical to the Legend Tournament
  • The Mojo Bass rods were also almost as sensitive as the Legend Tournament rods as well; I was surprised at how well the rod allowed me to feel what my lure was in and how well it translated feeling
  • The Mojo Bass rods are constructed using SCII graphite blanks while the Legend Tournament uses an SCIV graphite blank; both are high quality, however the legend Tournament is lighter due to its higher grade blank
  • The Legend Tournament also boasts IPC, ART and FRS technology; after a long day of fishing the heavier weight of the Mojo Bass rod this took a toll on my arm; I found that these features made the Legend Tournament the clear winner in weight
  • If the rod’s strength was taken to the max, the Legend Tournament would be definitely be the  stronger of the two as well
  • While both rods feature Fuji reel seats, the Legend Tournament has a slightly higher quality SK2 reel seat, super grade cork handle and K-series concept line guides
  • Both rods feature two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish.



Where the Mojo fell short when compared to the Legend Tournament was in weight, warranty and longevity. The lack of IPC, ART, and FRS technology holds this rod back. The limited 5 year warranty is also a factor to consider when it comes to this rod’s long term performance.


The conclusion I came up with was this: YES! the Mojo Bass rod is a fantastic rod at its price point. I found that it had the ability to perform well. It doesn’t boast all the features of the more expensive Legend Tournament rods, but it holds it own in terms of fish-ability and should definitely be considered if you are looking for a great value priced rod.


Tight Lines!


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