Staying Powered Out On The Water!

Staying Powered Out On The Water!

Staying Powered Out On The Water!

by November 2, 2014


The Next Big Thing in Drop Shotting

Last year, 13 Fishing came out with a reel the called the “TearDrop”, a revolutionary reel that most had to look over at least a few times…

October 6, 2014

The more technology improves, the easier it will be to not only take pictures of our everyday fishing adventures, but to capture the truly unforgettable experiences.  With advancements in action cameras such as “GoPro’s”, anglers have been able to capture their favorite moments while out on the water. I myself, have been using these action cameras for years since the first Hero 1 came out. The biggest thing I have struggled with in the past with these cameras is the battery life.  It seems with all of the advancements in these cameras, every new addition ends up draining your batteries even faster! If you’re like me and have multiple batteries you have to carry along with you for your GoPro cameras on any given trip, I may have a solution for you.Staying powered out onthe water

Looking for some kind of solution for my battery problem, or rather lack there of battery problem; I started looking for something I could use to extend the life and the duration of the shots I want to take while still being mobile. After all, that’s what’s so great about these cameras, they can go anywhere.

I came across a cSolar Sportsman2ompany called “Solar Sportsman” a few months ago. What impressed me first is not only do they have a line up of external battery powered stations, but they also have some of the best solar powered technologies to get even your boat batteries continuously charged. To make a long story short, after contacting them and using their products I have been able to really put their portable batteries units to work. With the use of a skeleton GoPro case available at most GoPro dealers, the case exposes the mini USB port used to charge the camera.  Solar Sportsman offers various sized Lithium Ion Portable battery units that will work for your cameras depending on how much battery life you want and how mobile you want to stay while filming. The unit I have used most myself is called the “Stone”. It’s small, has an LED battery indicator along with a micro and standard USB port. It’s small enough that it can usually sit along side where ever you decide to put your GoPro in the boat and extends the life and opportunity to film significantly!

How much you might ask? Well here is where its gets fun. I honestly can’t tell you because I have never drained it all the way on a full charge. I have always filmed with the original GoPro battery until it got low, then plugged in the stone and continued filming. I have never actually drained the stone even after an entire day on the water! To give you an example of how much this unit can do, I took a time lapse the other day which means I had the GoPro set up every 5 seconds to take a picture over and over again to compile all the pictures at the end and put them all together to see it in fast motion. It can take hours and hundreds of picture to make a shot like this work so I thought it would be a great way to really test out the Stone portable battery unit. Several hours later and over 3900 pictures the camera still have full power and 100% battery life.  So how much battery life do you have with the stone from Solar Sportsman? I’ll let you know when I find out!

Along with different sized portable battery units to fit the amount of power you want with you, Solar Sportsman also has portable solar panel units that will charge your portable battery for truly unlimited power in the boat for not only your cameras but also your phone, tablets, and anything else you think you charge through a USB port!

Staying powered out onthe water 2-520

For more information on these units visit or send me or any of the other promotional staff a personal message, we will be happy to help you understand and fit you with the best unit for your needs. To see the portable charging unit being put to work in the boat click the link below to see how we use it in the boat!


Live Long and Fish Much – Sam Moore

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