Striker Climate Suit – Product Review

Striker Climate Suit – Product Review

Striker Climate Suit – Product Review

by December 29, 2014


striker-climate-suit-2-HeaderIn today’s day and age, first impressions are everything. This past month I’ve had the pleasure of working with a company that has really impressed me. Striker Ice makes various types of ice fishing suits in a market that until now, was predominately dominated by just two companies.


Having an extremely early winter this year, I was able to put some hours in on the fresh ice with my suit. I chose to go with the Climate suit and Bibs, which is Strikers warmest suit which seemed fitting for the cold harsh conditions here in Northern Minnesota. Having heard nothing but wonderful things about not only the products that Striker makes but great things about the company and the people who run it, it was safe to say I was very excited to get out and really see what the big buzz was about.


Let me start off by saying I have owned and fished out of other suits before from both major competitors. Although these suits served their purpose, it wasn’t until I used my Striker suit that I really started to see and feel the difference.  Remember when I said that first impressions are everything? Well let me explain. The first thing you notice when putting on the suit is how well it’s thought out. From the pocket layouts on the jacket to the removable fish towels on the bibs , this suit was made for the hard water angler. Things like 360 degree ventilation for the long walks out to your spots and adjustable bib length around you ankles makes the suit fit anyone who wears it.


A hood that comes straight from a fisherman’s dream. No more having your hood suffocate you and put pressure on your ears so you can’t hear. A removable jacket layer that has quickly turned into my favorite everyday winter jacket and so many more features that make sense to a hard water enthusiast like myself.


One of the biggest things is the unbelievable warmth of this suit. Your hands will always get cold when exposed to the harsh cold and winds when handling fish but there is a difference with this suit. In the past, whether I was handling a fish or posing for a quick picture, my hands would always get cold and stay cold even after I put my mitts back on.  When your body gets cold, it takes heat from you hands and feet and concentrates its circulation where it needs it most, your central chest area. That’s why your hands and feet always get cold first.  But with the climate suit, it keeps my body so warm it allows my hands to warm up right after I get them out of the wind and cold and back into my mitts. This was a game changer for me because warm hands can be the difference in staying mobile out there even in the worst of conditions.


Well though out, extremely versatile, and a game changer in being able to stay warm, comfortable, and mobile out on the ice but is that it? Oh did I mention it floats? That’s right. Not only are you comfortable and mobile on the ice but you can have that piece of mind that if worst come to worst this suit will keep you afloat when getting out of the water. The added flotation is extremely well thought out and is virtually unnoticeable when wearing it. What does that mean? It means you don’t feel like a marshmallow when walking around. Striker put the most inflation in places where you won’t feel it when being mobile. In areas that a little extra padding never hurts like in the knees and back-side.  I know for a fact that my mother feels better about me wearing a suit that floats and frankly it makes me feel better too.


First impressions are huge and this suit has actually been a game changer for me. Again, It’s still early in the year and I will be writing another review when the season comes to an end but if how its been performing so far early ice here in Minnesota is any indication on how it’s going to last all winter long, I’m going to be one warm happy fisherman.


Live Long & Fish Much

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