Tackle Grab Unboxing, April 2014

Tackle Grab Unboxing, April 2014

Tackle Grab Unboxing, April 2014

by April 30, 2014

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Well folks, here you have it. Another phenomenal box from Tacklegrab for April! This box is bang on when it comes to matching seasonal baits and pairing them to my angler profile. To refresh your memory, my profile is currently bass, so this box will focus on this species.


Fishbelly Popper Shad, Retail $7.95

I’d say this bait is great for any season you want to throw a topwater. To get the most out of this interesting plastic, try throwing it when you see bass pushing shad up to the surface. If there is a lot of activity on the surface and baitfish are jumping, throw this soft plastic in and work it slowly like a Pop-R.


This is a really cool soft plastic with a realistic finish and a unique cupped mouth. I really like the color that was sent to me. It’s white with a small trace of pink in the belly.  The information card that now comes in every box smartly suggests rigging this plastic sideways Texas style and popping it along… winner!


Hawgshad closeup


Hotseat Custom Baits Hot Seat Skink, Retail $1.20 (4- pack)

This will be a real winner for those of you who want to experiment with Carolina rigging. Lizards are deadly dragged along the bottom for deep, slow presentations and these skinks seem perfect for that. Baits come in 28 colors and we happened to receive white.


This is an amazing color for spawning bass. For those of you who will be targeting beds this spring, these lizards can be Texas-rigged and dragged across beds to catch bass guarding their nests. Cast it past the nest and work it into the nest slowly. Stop when you are in the nest, or when the bass starts flaring its gills and acting aggressive. Give it subtle twitches to make the bass angry and you should be in the money.


Hot Seat Custom Baits


Advantage Bait Company Swim Jig, Retail $4.70

If you follow my posts at all you’ll know that I LOVE to swim jigs. I use them all year round and find that they are the most versatile bait hands down. The fact that Tacklegrab sent me this jig is serendipity! I don’t own any Advantage Baits jigs, so this will be a great opportunity for me to try one out and see how they stack up to my preferred swim jig.


With a hand painted head and 90-strand skirt (with built in necktie trailers, cool!), it’s a good looking jig. I like that the skirt is one piece and not held together by a band. I can’t stand it when my skirt strands get pulled out. This jig seems to have a medium hook and its line tie is molded into the head to reduce snags.


The hook shank seems shorter than my preferred jig, but this just means that I will want to use this jig with a more compact, shorter bait. That will avoid short strikes from fish biting off any excessive plastic from an oversize trailer.


Advantage baits swim jig


AR Lures Pencil- 90, Retail $19.99

If you fish on lakes that don’t have northerns or musky, you will be thrilled with this lure selection from Tacklegrab. This is a 1/2-oz floating jerk bait made from basswood. It can be cranked down and worked slowly, or walked across the surface for a super slow presentation.


I’m not crazy about wooden baits simply because I fish a lot of water that is full of northern pike and they tend to absolutely destroy wooden baits; especially in the spring! I can see myself using this bait to target smallmouth in the great lakes, especially when they’re chasing balls of baitfish, or pushing them up to the surface. The color that was sent is a very nice realistic pattern that will work nicely in clear water.


AR Lures Jerkbait


For this month’s box, we received a total value of $33.84. This is well above Tacklegrab’s guaranteed value of $16. I think Tacklegrab is doing something right, last month they did an amazing job as well!

Tight Lines!


About Grant:

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Grant is the Founder of AnglingAuthority.com.  While he primarily fishes for large mouth and small mouth bass, he’s passionate about sport fishing in general and is an avid multi-species angler.  Learning about new tactics, gear, species and conditions is all part of what makes the sport challenging and enjoyable. Grant also loves to travel, particularly to prime fishing destinations. Grant participates in regional tournaments and is a proud member of State Apparel and Gambler Lures’ Am Pro Staff, Canadian Bass Anglers Federation, B.A.S.S. and Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters. Follow AnglingAuthority on FacebookTwitter and YouTube


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