Tackle Grab Unboxing – January 2014

Tackle Grab Unboxing – January 2014

Tackle Grab Unboxing – January 2014

by February 3, 2014

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Hardwater season continues to go strong for most.  For those who don’t ice fish, and don’t have the comforts of the southern climate, it’s feeling cabin fever is kicking into high gear. Many are spending their time planning strategies and tactics for the 2014 bass season. As in usual form, the latest Tackle Grab box provides some inspiration…


1 – Gambler Lures 4-pk of 5″ Super Studs in Copperfield  – available on the Gambler Lures website for $4.69 for a 10-pk (prorated to $1.88 for a 4-pk). Gambler Lures has such a strong following in the southern states, particularly Florida, that most down there know this fluke style bait. This is a great opportunity for anglers who are not familiar with Gambler’s Super Stud to try them. Tonnes of garlic scent and durable plastic make these a winner.


To fish them I like rigging them up weightless with a 4/0 r 3/0 EWG hook. I usually fish them finesse and pop them in spares cover allowing them to flutter to the bottom. After letting them rest for a few seconds I pop the bait again and let it flutter down. Strikes will usually occur on the fall. The Copperfield color is great for areas where there is an abundance of baitfish hiding in cover.

Super Stud


2 – Reaction Strike 4-pk of 3.5″ Craw Jr, available on the Reaction Strike website for $5.90 for an 8-pk (prorated to  for $2.95 for a 4-pk). These were really cool and when I saw them I immediately thought of smallmouth bass. A favorite forage for smallmouth in lakes with crayfish, these baits are perfect. Their size is very realistic. I’d say these softbaits are for clear water smallmouth for sure! It would be a cool bait to throw with a small weight and Texas rigged. Dragging this bait over rock points with a jika rig would also be a good presentation to try.

Reaction Strike Craw jr


3  – Reaction Strike XRM-100 in Snow White, available on the Reaction Strike website for US$9.99. A very cool bait. This small suspending jerkbait willl come in handy early in the spring in colder water conditions. A fatter presentation and rattles makes me think of using this bait to mimic baitfish targeted by largemouth bass, or even northern pike.

Reaction Strike XRM

4 – River2Sea – V-Joint Deep Dive 75, available on  the River2Sea website for $7.87. Traditionally I don’t fish very deep, but this bait gives my arsenal some diversity. The ability to target bass that are deeper is key when shallow fish aren’t biting.


River2sea deep dive75

Total box value =US $22.69 + 150 Tackle Grab points.


This was our twelfth Tackle Grab box in our 1-year subscription.  Overall, the membership offered tremendous value, and exceeded the minimum guaranteed value of $16.00 a box.  If you’re interested in giving it a try, click on the link below to learn more…


For more information on Tackle Grab, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages, and their website.

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