Tackle Grab Unboxing – June 2014

Tackle Grab Unboxing – June 2014

Tackle Grab Unboxing – June 2014

by July 7, 2014


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With summer here and in full swing this Tacklegrab box is super important! It will be giving anglers a taste of some summer bass tactics/lures that they may already be familiar with, or need to learn. When I opened the box I was pleased that Tacklegrab sent a frog!


This box was a little different. Tacklegrab is now teamed up with Earnhardt Outdoors and has upgraded their monthly box contents to include an informative pro pointers card.



tipscard1 What was really cool about this new card is that it includes tips on exactly what your target species is doing at that time of year. This makes the box you’ve received even more relevant to whats going on in your lake. The tips card is concise and easily understood by even the most novice angler. It sums up the stage your quarry is in nicely. If you examine the photos included in this article, you can see how detailed the tips card is and how it provides great information.



Another slight change to the Tacklegrab format was an information card about the baits we received. Now, in past months we have gotten a card similar to this, however Tacklegrab now gives you even more great information about just what is in your box this month. I think that Tacklegrab’s tweaks to their monthly box will go a long way with novice anglers and they really got this one right!



The product card that was included this month was just packed with useful information about the baits sent this month.


So lets get to the good stuff…


Gambler “Why Not”

First item in our box was some of the new Gambler Why Nots. These were in black/blue flake and I personally am a huge fan of this Florida-based company. The new slender Why Not is a phenomenal punching bait as its appendages are tailored to slip through matted slop. The Why Not is just a must if you do any amount of punching with Texas-rigged soft plastics.


The addition of these into this month’s box will allow a novice angler the opportunity to try some heavy cover punching and just maybe they will discover a new favorite technique! For an experienced angler, the addition of these will give them the opportunity to try Gambler’s re-designed bait, or introduce them to a bait company they may have not considered. Either way, these soft plastics are a great addition.


Tacklegrab stated a retail price of $4.00 per 7 pack, but pro rated to a 3 pack (which is what we received) its a value of $1.71 in this month’s box.

whynot rigged2

The Why Not rigged up and ready for some punchin’


whynot rigged1

This soft bait is designed to slip through matted surface vegetation and get right in a bass’ face!


The River2Sea Ish Monroe “Biggie Smalls” Square-bill Crankbait  

Just like Byron Haseotes mentioned in the Tacklegrab information card, a shallow crankbait is a great choice this time of year, and Tacklegrab has included one in this month’s box. The River2Sea Ish Monroe “Biggie Smalls” Square-bill crankbait is a great addition to June’s box. I was sent a citrus shad color that had some natural patterns on it. I think this bait will do really well after a rain storm where there is run off into the lake muddying up the water.


The fact that it’s a squarebill crankbait means I can throw this around shallow stumps and hit all kinds of cover and bounce off without hangups. The fast floating feature also means that if there is a hangup, I can just stop cranking for a few seconds and my bait will float up, allowing me to continue my retrieve after I clear the obstacle. A very handy little crankbait! Retail on this bait is $8.91.


Designed to be thrown around cover, this crankbait is well suited for shallow stumpfields and rockpiles!




Sierra Slammers Bass Tubes

sierra slammersThis month also included some tube baits as well. These Sierra Slammer bass tubes are perfect for smallmouth and can be fished many different ways. Lately I have found that drop shot is most effective in northern latitudes where I fish and that’s where I will be using them. I have heard that heavy-shotting is effective as well around cover and may give that a shot too using tubes.


With clear water, I’m not sure about the color, but I must admit I have caught smallmouth on some crazy colors, so blood red may work in certain situations. Retail on these tubes is $5.99 for an 8-pack. I received a 4 pack, so pro-rated that’s a value of $3.00.


These tubes are made from durable plastic, which is why I think they will do well on a dropshot. Alternatively, you could texas rig them. They are long enough and slender enough where a 5/0 hook may just do the trick.


Reaction Strike Revolution Frog

The last bait was nice to see in my box, considering it was summer, but I was a little disappointed in the size. I was sent a Reaction Strike frog in white that was a very tiny pocket frog. It was way too small for what I usually throw and in summer – a med-large profile. That being said, I am sure that this frog will come in handy as a finesse frog in the right conditions. White is a great color and its one of the three “essential” frog colors which are white, black and yellow in my opinion. Retail on this frog is $5.29.



I don’t usually use frogs THIS small


There you have it folks; some great and exciting changes to the Tacklegrab format. I think Tacklegrab has done well to improve the amount of information they are providing anglers about their quarry. This will increase the value of the subscription as a gift for anyone who likes fishing. They are not only getting the tools they need, but also the how-to  information well.


Calculated total value of this box is $18.91….till next month TackleGrabbers!



About Grant: Profile PicGrant is the Founder of AnglingAuthority.com.  While he primarily fishes for large mouth and small mouth bass, he’s passionate about sport fishing in general.  Learning about new tactics, gear, species and conditions is all part of what makes the sport challenging and enjoyable. Grant also loves to travel, particularly to prime fishing destinations. Grant participates in regional tournaments and is a proud member of State Apparel, Power- Pole and Gambler Lures’ Am Pro Staff, Canadian Bass Anglers Federation and Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters. Follow AnglingAuthority on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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