Tackle Grab Unboxing – July 2014

Tackle Grab Unboxing – July 2014

Tackle Grab Unboxing – July 2014

by September 3, 2014

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This month’s Tackle Grab box is geared towards some late summer fishing. When I opened my box, the contents immediately resonated with the type of fishing I like to do and suited my profile yet again. Lets take a look at that was sent…


The Pro Pointers card that I got in my box outlined some good late summer options and featured Allison Shaw, a FLW and WON bass tournament angler. Drop shot was the featured technique as well as late summer potential areas and baits. Overall, I think that it had some good information for beginner/ intermediate anglers.


River 2 Sea Tungsten Vibe

I was pleasantly surprised to see a lipless crankbait in this month’s box. The Tungsten Vibe I received had a great natural finish with loud rattles. The size was a little small from what I usually use, but early in the spring this crankbait will surely be thrown. Usually I throw lipless crankbaits around weedlines and rip it through vertical weeds. For me it’s a reaction strike and hits are usually violent.

Most people throw this crankbait on a medium action rod; but for weedlines I really like a fast action rod as it lets me really rip this bait through weeds. Retail on this crank is $10.99


Tungsten Vibe




Venom Lures Salty Sling

You can NEVER go wrong with a stick bait. The Venom Lures Salty Sling is a solid plastic that that is loaded with salt. I received the 5″ version in Junebug, a good color choice for finicky bass! Retail on the Salty Sling is $2.49 per 4-pack.

Venom salty sling


Reaction Strike Tube Jr

Tubes are very versatile and recently have kind of made a comeback as anglers have started throwing them for more than just smallmouth. I have seen anglers pitch tubes into brush and under docks;  and increasingly they’ve become a popular largemouth bait. Show them something different, right?


You can drag this along rock piles, gravel, or anywhere smallmouth hang out. Alternatively you can get creative and throw this around cover for largemouth as well. Retail on this item is $5.99

Reaction Strike tube


River 2 Sea Bottom Walker Shad

The Bottom Walker shad is a versatile swimbait. You can swim it in open water, or you can let it fall to the bottom where it will sit upright. Pop it along imitating a baitfish feeding on the bottom. These come in a variety of colors and sizes. Retail on this item is $5.24

R2S bottom walker shad


Eco Pro Tungsten Wacky Weights

Eco pro tungsten wacky rig weightsAs with many anglers, I have a very particular way I like to rig my wacky worms. The Pro Wacky Weights look like a cool way to rig up my worms and I will definitely give them a try. These will pair very nicely with the Salty Slings that were also in this month’s box. Novice anglers who may not be familliar with Wacky rigging will have the opportunity to try it out and see how they like it.


At 1/16-oz. these weights will help your bait get to the bottom in wind or when fishing deeper weedbeds. Eco pro also claims that these weights will keep your hook at 90 degrees and improve your hookups. Retail on these is $4.66.



About Grant: Profile PicGrant is the Founder of AnglingAuthority.com.  While he primarily fishes for large mouth and small mouth bass, he’s passionate about sport fishing in general.  Learning about new tactics, gear, species and conditions is all part of what makes the sport challenging and enjoyable. Grant also loves to travel, particularly to prime fishing destinations. Grant participates in regional tournaments and is a proud member of State Apparel, Power- Pole and Gambler Lures’ Am Pro Staff, Canadian Bass Anglers Federation and Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters. Follow AnglingAuthority on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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