The Best Way to Store Your Plastics…

The Best Way to Store Your Plastics…

The Best Way to Store Your Plastics…

by January 3, 2013


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When storing my plastics, I have had a tendency to over complicate things. I removed all the baits from their original bags and placed them in their own plano or bait binder. When I analyze the consequences, this is probably not the best thing for my baits.

I have tried to store my plastics several different ways. I’ve tried to use different planos and also those nifty bait binders as well. I have tried to put my baits in zip lock bags immersed in scent as well, but that  failed too. In this article I will share my findings on soft bait storage.


I have seen the pros do this on TV for years. When I first purchased my bassboat I immediately decided that I would reorganize my baits so that they were in Planos and easily accessible just like the pros… Nope!  The first thing I found was that the planos allowed all the scent to seep out. After a few days my bassboat stank like garlic and coffee. I’m also going to assume that since the scent was coming out of the plano it wasn’t staying on the bait. The lack of airtight storage with a Plano container allowed the baits to dry out, the scent to weaken and made everything stink!Best Way to Store Your Plastic Lures

Another problem that I encountered was that some of the plastics that I had were immersed in some scent. Removing them from the original packaging and handling them allowed my human scent to contaminate them. The liquid in the original bags the baits came in also was wasted…

Bait Binders

I tried to store my baits in a bait binder years ago, when I didn’t have a boat. I wanted to be mobile and thought that putting all myplastics in a bait binder was the best thing to do. After one season I found that the pages were being dissolved! The salt in some of the baits had literally melted the pages of the binder and ruined them. I also found that you can’t store different colors together as they will bleed into each other. The plastics that had oily scent on them really made a mess as I got the scent everywhere as I tried to get the baits into the pages of the binder. This made the binder really smell and it was really oily as a result.Best Way to Store Your Plastic Lures

Another problem I had with the bait binders was that they could never hold all my baits. I had to constantly keep buying the pages to put baits into. The money I spent on the pages and the baits were both a waste after just one season. Why do this when the manufacturer provided me with a great storage option?

The best way I have found to store my baits and keep them organized is to keep them in their original packaging. This is a definite must for several reasons:

  1. The original packaging re-seals in most cases and provides you with all the bait information if you need it at a later date
  2. The original packaging has scent in it and in some cases there’s a lot of scent impregnated liquid that you want to keep the bait in!
  3. Leaving the baits in their original bag allows you to handle them as little as possible and get little or none of your human scent on them
  4. Having a mostly air tight bag for your baits reduces the smell of the baits

Best Way to Store Your Plastic LuresI keep my baits in a big boat bag from Bass Pro Shops. This way the baits are organized and fairly mobile. I find that this is by far the most cost effective and best way to keep my baits stored for when I need them.

This is what has worked best for me, but I am very interested to know if anyone has found other methods that have worked well.  Although I am skeptical, please feel free to share you ideas on the comments section of this post.

Tight Lines!

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  1. Dwayne
    #1 Dwayne 15 January, 2013, 17:52

    I use one of the many BASS bags I have accumulated from renewing my membership. I’ll wager anglers could find several of their angler friends who subscribe and have these bags laying around taking up space..

    I can put about 30 soft plastics bags inside the main pocket, and on the outside, carry a small plano box with terminal tackle just for soft plastics, Saves me room in my kayak crate.

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  2. Grant Pentiricci
    #2 Grant Pentiricci Author 15 January, 2013, 19:58

    I use a similar smaller bag for when I go on my buddies boat. This set up keep me mobile too. I can imagine how important space is on a kayak…

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