Water Wolf Lures “Gator Tubes” and “Tubezillas” – Tame the Toothy Beasts

Water Wolf Lures “Gator Tubes” and “Tubezillas” – Tame the Toothy Beasts

Water Wolf Lures “Gator Tubes” and “Tubezillas” – Tame the Toothy Beasts

by March 29, 2013

(Photo by Chris Huskilson)

They’re big, they’re mean and they’re nasty. In some parts they are affectionately known as “Gators”. The Musky is truly the Gator of the north. Their massive growth potential, coupled with row upon row of razor sharp teeth, highlight the fact that Musky are the “Apex” predator of fresh water. Simply put, they are hungry yet elusive monsters.



Chris Huskilson (Photo by Aaron Jolicouer)


Water Wolf lures took these facts into account when they created massive tube jigs to target these solitary monsters. “Gator Tubes” and “Tubezillas” have virtually changed the perception of the Musky angler, and are very quickly becoming a top go-to bait of choice for taming these beasts. For ages, tubes have been a mainstay in the Bass angler’s tackle box. Why? Because tubes seem to almost hypnotize Bass with an erratic falling, spiraling action that resembles an injured baitfish or gamefish. The same is true for Musky.


One must understand that Apex predators are opportunistic feeders and will target the weak before the strong. It’s instinct. Sharks do it, lions and tigers do it and Musky being on top of the fresh water food chain do it as well. It is just in their nature, so just give them what they crave…an easy meal.


These extra tough hand painted plastics include a ¾” solid nose and a 2.25” custom metal rattle, and are built on .062 stainless steel wire rigged with VMC 3X strong treble hooks. “Gator Tubes” are micro-salt impregnated so they not only sound seductive (which is very useful in murky waters), they are literally bursting with salty flavor that Musky, and also giant Pike, perceive as blood. The rattle is like the dinner bell to all toothy predators alike and yes, blood is what they crave (and won’t let go of).



Chris Huskilson (Photo by Aaron Jolicouer)

Water wolf Lures pro-staffer Chris Huskilson is a Musky whisperer from southern Ontario. This angler knows how to fool these big “stinky fishes” (as he put it) so let’s pick his brain a little shall we? Chris’ set up of choice when fishing the “Gator Tubes”


G Loomis 8’6” XX-heavy fast action casting rod, Shimano Curado (large arbor/low profile) casting reel spooled with 65-lb braided line (green) tied to a custom 12” 100lb fluorocarbon leader. Chris favors 11” Magnum Casting “Gator Tubes” (un-weighted). He truly depends on them, and uses these baits exclusively when water temps hit 60 degrees or less, and during post-frontal conditions. “They simply outperform everything in my tackle arsenal when the fishing gets tough” he reiterates.




Chris focuses on weed edges in 10-12 feet of water, while using a twitch-twitch pause, jerkbait style cadence. He attributes his Gator slaying success to fishing fast, and covering water. The key: Chris sets the trolling motor to 60% throttle following the weed line, casting in a forward motion with the direction of the boat. “This ensures that every twitch that I impart on the bait starts with slack line” (which gives the Gator Tube it’s erratic action). “All of my strikes come on the pause, 75% of my fish are landed on the stinger hook”. Chris also reports that sometimes Musky will strike at the bait, hook up, come un-hooked only to turn around and re-commit to eating this seemingly yummy snack. One of his reports reads “she ate it way out at the end of my cast then she shook it. After saying a few choice words I decided to hit the bait with another twitch. She immediately crushed the tube again, head first, way down her throat…it was epic”. Does that get your heart pumping? Yeah, mine too.


The other option to “Gator Tubes” is the “Tubezilla”, which is a thin walled, fat profiled tube suited for heavy weed cover. Rig ‘em Texas style on a 7/0 EWG and you can now flip and pitch for Gators in the slop, in the reeds, in the cane…or inside deep, thick weedlines. With the same salty taste, erratic darting action and extreme durability, the “Tubezilla” is a fish catching monster all its own.


“Gator Tubes” come in 7” and 9”, Magnum “Gator Tubes” casting rigs come in 11” and 13” while “Tubezillas” come in 5” lengths with many unique colors to experiment with. Also, the Magnum “Gator Tubes” come in a “Bottom Bouncer” model rigged with a custom 2-2.5oz jig head along with the same custom rattle. This rig is deadly effective when Musky roam in deep current. The extra weight will carry the bait down quickly to an otherwise hard to reach “spot on the spot”, while the loud rattle becomes a beacon for every scary monster in the general vicinity.


Well there you have it. The gear, the techniques and even the mind-set you need to have, coupled with a better understanding of the mind-set of these Apex predators that you pursue. Musky are monsters that do not reside in your nightmares, they reside in your most pleasant day dreams…HEY… WAKE UP! Stop day dreaming and check out Water Wolf Lures monster taming “Gator Tubes” and “Tubezillas”….and make your dreams a reality.


For more information on Water Wolf Lures, check out their website, and Facebook page.

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